Passive Income to Offset Increasing Taxes (USA 2013)

i want you - Uncle Sam
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I just received a troubling e-mail from a friend. The e-mail is a forwarded e-mail from his accountant that explains in detail some of the upcoming tax changes that will affect more than 90% of Americans starting in 2013. It makes me wonder why I strive to create riches through passive income at all!

“Raise taxes on the rich.” – “The rich need to pay their fair share.” These are just a few of the democratic/liberal talking points being used during the 2012 presidential campaign to try to appease to middle and lower class voters. Unfortunately, many of these less informed voters probably don’t realize that former tax cuts are about to expire, effectively raising taxes on them. This is happening despite the campaign rhetoric that is telling them otherwise.

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Excited To Move from Small Niche Sites to Something Bigger

Niche sites are all dried up! - Dumb Passive Income
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Over the past week and a half or so, I’ve been mulling over and contemplating what I will be doing to create passive income after the setback due to the Google EMD update. Just after the update, my only site that was still ranking and earning was seemingly untouched. This surprised me, because it was my very first attempt at a niche site and was horribly built. It remained at #1 and was still getting a few ad clicks. Just yesterday, I checked again and it dropped from the #1 spot all the way down to #14. Micro niche sites are completely dead to me!

10 of the 12 domains that I own were initially purchased specifically for the purpose of building small adsense niche sites. All of these domains were either Exact Match Domains or partial match domains. Since the EMD update, I went back and did Google first page analysis again for each one of them.

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Google’s EMD Update – Setbacks and Moving Forward

If you haven’t heard by now about Google’s latest algorithm change, the EMD (Exact Match Domain) update, well then you are living under a rock as far the internet marketing community is concerned. Just like the former Panda and Penguin updates, this latest one has internet marketers all in a tizzy. More specifically, people who build niche sites and micro-niche sites. It has long been known and accepted that EMD’s held value on their own and were given a little bonus, or boost, when it came to search engine results. If you could find an exact match domain available for a good keyword, it was like finding a nugget of gold in the bottom of your pan!

The niche site community doesn’t know what to think and nobody is certain what exactly the latest update is targeting. One thing that is certain is that Google’s SERP’s are totally different than they were before the update. Everybody has their theories and I’ve been studying up as much as I can to try to figure this out and come up with theories of my own.

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Income Report – September 2012

Welcome to the Dumb Passive Income – income report! I can honestly say that I am pleased with the little bit of progress that is starting to happen. Although my niches site efforts are still barely paying off, there are a few streams of internet income that are starting to drip money into my accounts.

Admittedly, some of this income isn’t passive. For example, the article income I am receiving for writing a few posts for the Penny Thots blog isn’t really passive. But, I agreed to write 2 or 3 posts per month for that blog from it’s very beginning, which was just before I started this blog. That is an agreement I plan to see through and look forward to the shared success with the sites owner and the other main writers.

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Passive Income with Amazon Associates

As a consumer, I love for buying books and other purchases. As an online marketer, I love using their affiliate program – called Amazon Associates – for earning passive income through commissions when others purchase products. Amazon has been a trusted online retailer just about since the dawn of the internet. They went online in the mid 90’s, mostly selling books. They’ve now become a world-leading and innovative drop-shipping site – meaning Amazon doesn’t have a massive warehouse that stores all of these products. Rather, they allow buyers to browse and buy directly from their site and then products are shipped from manufacturers or other retailers.

If people were leery to allow companies to store their credit card information during the early days of the internet, that certainly isn’t the case anymore. I heard a statistic (although I can’t find proof) that Amazon has over 300 million credit card numbers on file!

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My Content Strategy For Niche Sites

If you’ve been following along in this Niche Site (the Dumb Way) Follow-Along, you know that I am not using any paid tools, themes or plug-ins and that I am doing all of the work myself. This includes writing the content. This is by far the most time consuming part of building a niche site and one of the things I look forward to outsourcing in the future. For now though, until I get this business rolling and profitable, I will continue to keep doing things the “dumb” way. By doing this, the only thing I stand to lose is some of my time. I am risking very little money (hosting costs) to see if I can make this niche site thing work.

How To Find What To Write About

By this point, I already have my main keyword I am targeting – getting rid of fleas. How to get rid of fleas is a close second, but I am sticking with the former and using the latter as secondary in most of the content. Okay, so I am going to write about getting rid of fleas, but I need to be more specific. I could just guess and start pulling topics out of thin air and write about them. Or,

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WordPress Setup for My Niche Sites

I use WordPress for my content management for this blog and all of my niche sites. In my former blogging ventures and experimentation I stuck with Blogger – but have now seen the light. WordPress is far superior with its endless options and easy plug-ins that are available. It takes a little bit of learning and getting used to if you’ve previously used another platform – but it is worth it. I highly suggest you familiarize yourself with WordPress if you wish to take the easiest route to success with niche sites (or a blog for that matter).

Loading WordPress Onto My Domain

In a previous post, I explained in detail my process for purchasing domains and hosting. As mentioned in that post, I use HostGator for my hosting because of it’s extreme ease of use, great customer service and ability to host unlimited domains on the same account for one low monthly price.

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My New Niche and Keyword Research Explained

My everlasting quest to create some passive income online has now led me to my 4th attempt at a niche site. As promised, I will be revealing my niche, keyword(s) and domain as part of this Niche Site (the Dumb Way) Follow-Along. I have to admit right off the bat that I was a little apprehensive about sharing this particular niche. The reason being that it is the best of the ones available that I have already purchased domains for. I am a little bit worried that a more experienced and better niche site builder will read this post and “steal” my niche and build a better site that will easily outrank mine. But then again, I am not the only one who has had this idea, as I’ve found at least a few other niche sites built around the same keywords. I think I can build better sites and outrank them – but at the same time I worry that somebody else will build an even better site and outrank me. This is the risk I am taking though by making public and sharing exactly how and what I am doing to build a niche site in an attempt to create some online passive income.

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Income Report – August 2012

Welcome to my 2nd ever income report here on my Dumb Passive Income blog. First off, let me admit right up front that this one is not going to wow you or impress you. In fact, I don’t really even want to publish this one because it is kind of embarrassing. But, I’ve made the decision to be committed to publishing these things each and every month. As mentioned in my first ever income report (last month) I am publishing these for a couple of reasons. Partly to keep me motivated to earn some money online so I don’t have to publish embarrassing reports. But mostly to show others exactly how this internet marketing thing works for somebody like me who does this on a very part-time basis. My early income reports will serve as proof that overnight riches are the exception, not the rule, when it comes to making money online. Eventually, they will serve as proof that a good passive income stream can be created by implementing various internet marketing or investing strategies online.

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A Dumb Mistake and Starting Over

I feel like I need to apologize as I admit to you (my readers) that I have made a terrible mistake with the niche site that I chose to do as part of this Niche Site (the Dumb Way) Follow-Along. As mentioned in my Choosing a Niche… post, part of the reason that I picked the election site was that nobody would steal my idea and build a copycat site due to the fact that the site will be dead after the election. My thought was that I could get it to rank quickly and make some easy money and then move on. This was due in part to my over-confidence because of my first niche site getting to #1 so quickly and easily. Well, it’s not ranking quickly and there are only two months left until the presidential election.

Why Isn’t My Niche Site Ranking?

Just two short weeks ago (about 3 weeks after I started the site) it was already ranking as high as #25 in Google! I was stoked, thinking that I was well on my way to the first page

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Choosing a Niche and Keyword Research

A few things were taken into account when I chose the niche for this Niche Site (the Dumb Way) Follow-Along. For starters, I know it can be risky to reveal my niche, keyword and URL to others. One reason is that somebody could steal my idea and build a better site around my targeted keyword. Another is that somebody could attack me (for various unknown reasons) by click-bombing my Adsense ads and putting my Adsense account at risk.

For the sake of this follow-along, I wanted to minimize those risks by choosing a very specific niche that will only be good for a limited time. Actually, I said that backwards. I already had the idea for this niche and decided that it would fit perfectly for this follow-along because it will be a short-lived site. Being that the site will have a very short life, I needed to find a keyword that I thought I could rank very quickly for. I am 1 for 2 on ranking quickly with my first two niche sites. Let’s hope that improves to 2 for 3 after this attempt.

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