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    • No problem Pastor GiGi. This was my intent with this post, to explain in detail some of the things that are so basic and come easy to most web site owners. Not everybody understands this stuff and I want to explain it in a way that anybody can create a (niche) web site if they want to.

  1. Hi Mathew

    Some experiences to share 🙂

    With Godaddy – the 6 domain price reduction rarely beats using coupon codes. i.e. coupons are almost always cheaper.

    Also dont bundle .com,.net.org into one order and apply coupons. find the very best for each type and apply to separate orders. By doing that last wee i saved 53% on an order of 12 domains. Had i bundled (i checked) i would have saved 32% and If id just not used coupons i would have saved about 30%.

    With respect .com .net .org I to hold to that sequence BUT often .com are taken and I dont think they help ranking much but they have qudos. I don’t see much difference between ,net and ,org for adsense sites. For an eCommerce store I would maybe only buy .com or .net not because of ability to rank but maybe branding….

    If both .net and .org are available and the .org is on a better discount at godaddy I would but the cheaper one (recent promotion was 45% off)

    Dont forget coupons for renewals when that time comes.

    Some people might prefer namecheap for domains as they have a good deal when including private registration but its marginal against godaddy and coupons


    With Buehost there are coupons/codes that get the price to $3.95 per month for 12 months. = £47.4 so less than 5 months of the pay as you go. For me thats a much better deal. Also bluehost servers are faster with a great CDN service.

    I to also have a number of hostgator accounts to spread sites around.

    I like the style of your article very clear and easy to understand.

    • Thanks again for your insight Steve! Perhaps I should leave a section at the end of each post for you to chime in! Your experience and willingness to share it is proving very valuable for my blog.

      I didn’t know about coupon codes for BlueHost. Perhaps I will give them a shot one day when I am ready to start using more than one hosting account. Although, I am quite happy with the speed that HostGator provides.

      • Hey Im happy to share experiences that’s after all what your doing.

        the “speed” issue with Hostagtor is minor but they are more strickt on the number of files etc you can really host. If you search around youll see plenty of cases of account and sites frozen by hostagtor when people have lots of domains ! But then others with large account have been fine..


  2. I literally just did all this a week ago with iPage! Ha – It’s still great help for people who haven’t done it yet! You’re up to 11 domains? How will you find the time to create that many niche sites?

    • Yeah MMD, 11 domains now. One of them is obviously my old money blog and one is this blog. The other 9 are the result of me getting over-excited when I saw they were available while doing keyword research. I know for a fact that at least one of them is a total flop, meaning I bought it before I really understood keyword research. That one is an EMD that gets less than 10 searches per month globally! Haha.

      Time? Well, several of the domains will be micro-niche sites that won’t take very long at all to create. Now that I am getting into a groove and really beginning to understand how to set these sites up it will be just a matter of creating a few pages of content. This really makes me wonder if I am wasting my time on this election niche site follow-along that may or may not end up ranking well and earning me a little bit of money. Regardless, I am going to keep creating content for the election site at least through the end of September and hope to get a boost in the rankings.

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