My New Niche and Keyword Research Explained

My everlasting quest to create some passive income online has now led me to my 4th attempt at a niche site. As promised, I will be revealing my niche, keyword(s) and domain as part of this Niche Site (the Dumb Way) Follow-Along. I have to admit right off the bat that I was a little apprehensive about sharing this particular niche. The reason being that it is the best of the ones available that I have already purchased domains for. I am a little bit worried that a more experienced and better niche site builder will read this post and “steal” my niche and build a better site that will easily outrank mine. But then again, I am not the only one who has had this idea, as I’ve found at least a few other niche sites built around the same keywords. I think I can build better sites and outrank them – but at the same time I worry that somebody else will build an even better site and outrank me. This is the risk I am taking though by making public and sharing exactly how and what I am doing to build a niche site in an attempt to create some online passive income.I could have simply chosen one of my other domains and niches to share. But none of them are nearly as good or as promising as this one. What kind of proof would that be to share a site that might make $10/month when I can share this site that I think has potential to earn $100/month or more!

Keyword Research and Google First Page Analysis

I don’t even remember exactly how I got to this particular set of keywords. I think I was scrolling down the list within the Google Adwords Keyword Tool while researching something else and came across a particular keyword that perked my interest. When I started doing further research on that keyword, I found this keyword deep in the results for that one. A possible “diamond in the rough!” I think so anyway. So, here is a screenshot for the two main keywords I found and some other results within the keyword tool.

How to get rid of fleas” or “getting rid of fleas.” Looking at both of them, they both have High competition ratings. This is good. They both have decent CPC’s. Also good. One has 27,000+ monthly searches while the other has 8,000+ monthly searches. My only concern with both of these keywords is shown on the bar graph on the far right. This displays local monthly search trends with the current month (in this case September) being on the far left. As you can see, both of these keywords seem to drop off quite a bit as far as number of searches in the winter time. In other words, both of these keywords are a little bit seasonal in nature. I decided to go for it anyway for two reasons. One – they both have good search volumes, so even during the down months a fair amount of traffic should come to the site if I get on the first page of Google. Two – if I don’t rank quickly for one or both of these keywords, I have several months until next summer to build backlinks and let the site age. By then I should be able to get to page one on Google and should have some incredible earnings next summer!

Exact match domains were not available for either keyword (.com, .net or .org). So, my next step was to do first page analysis for both keywords. Many of the same web pages showed up on Google when looking at the search results for both keywords. Here is a screenshot for the SERP for getting rid of fleas.

As you can see, an SEOquake toolbar shows up under each web page in my search results. This is one of the features within the (free) SEOquake add-on for Google Chrome (or Firefox). It is very helpful for doing web page and first page analysis. Many of the stats you need to see are right there in the toolbar. You then, of course, can click through on any of the stats for further and more detailed information.

Some of my observations for this particular page of search results:

  • Results #1 and #8 are both niche sites that I think I can beat. They each have the keyword in both the title and domain, but neither has the exact keyword within the description. Both have Page Ranks (PR) of zero (0).
  • Further research led me to clicking through to both of these sites. SEOquake gives even more information when you are on an actual web page.
  • Result #8 was just a horrible .wordpress (Web 2.0) website. It had several pages of content, but most of the pages contained less than 200 words. It almost looked like they quite accidently targeted this keyword – getting rid of fleas. It had only a handful of backlinks which surely weren’t built on purpose. This page didn’t appear to be monetized at all!
  • Result #1 only had one page of useful content! It had a few other pages, but each of these were only Amazon product descriptions with a link to buy flea products through Amazon. There was no Adsense on this site. showed only 2 backlinks to this site (screenshot below) of which only one of these links was a real backlink with linking anchor text.
  • Within the search results, there was one YouTube video and it wasn’t very good.
  • The rest of the search results were mostly one page articles on other popular sites such as,,
  • There was a cat site, a dog forum and two “get rid of” general websites that each had a page for getting rid of fleas or how to get rid of fleas.

So this is the keyword I chose. I went with “getting rid of fleas.” “How to get rid of fleas,” gets more searches and shares many of the exact same search results. I decided to go with the keyword that got less searches, with the idea and hope that it would be a little easier to rank for. Keeping in mind that I still want the exact keyword in the domain name, I added a suffix to this keyword and purchased the domain – from

Potential For This Niche Site

I really think I have a good shot at getting on the first page of Google for this keyword and with this website. I plan to build a far better site than the two niche sites that are currently on the first page. Some good on page SEO with quality targeted content should get me there fairly quickly. This one might even be possible without building any backlinks, although a few quality backlinks wouldn’t hurt.

As for the numbers and one of the reasons I was initially hesitant to share this niche. Many micro-niche site builders are happy to build sites that make $10-$20 per month, and consider sites that approach $100 per month to be really good ones. With monthly searches at 8,100 and a CPC of $3.81, my estimates tell me that this site could earn $115.73/month from Adsense if I get to the first page of Google and a potential to earn $578.64/month if I get to #1! These estimates are based on my keyword value estimation calculation that I explained in a previous post. I get similar results using the niche site profit calculator over at With some hard work and maybe a little bit of luck, I will get this site complete and perhaps will be well on my way to finally earning some good passive income.

As of the day I am writing this post, I already have the site started with two pages of content somewhat complete. I have plans for several pages of content which will all target both my primary keyword, as well as the other major keyword in this niche (how to get rid of fleas). Much of my secondary content will target some long-tail keywords as well. There is potential here for tons of quality content, which I am taking the time to write all myself.

My next post in this Niche Site (the Dumb Way) Follow-Along will show exactly how I set up WordPress for this niche site and others. If that post doesn’t go too long I will also share my content strategy.

Until then, remember that there are several dumb ways to create passive income online, but only one site that is blogging about it! Dumb Passive Income… dot com.