Weekend Updates

by Matthew Allen

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Just another weekend update from Matthew Allen

In a world where panic and fear have replaced common sense and rational reasoning… I’m here to tell you that everything is going to be alright. I’m referring to the craziness of the 2020 worldwide coronavirus pandemic. 99.9% of us are surviving the coronavirus scare and we still haven’t had to turn to cannibalism for…
Writing a Blog About Myself

Writing a Blog About Myself

In a world where podcasts and YouTube channels seem to be dominating the world of self-published content on the interwebs… I’m here to tell you that I will be sticking to the blog format using written words. I am essentially, writing a blog about myself. You won’t hear me on a podcast anytime soon. I…
83 percent of consumers say they look at billboards

The Best (Unsolicited) Advice I Have Ever Received

In a world where unsolicited advice is welcome and even tolerated… I received THE most amazing email via the contact form on this blog awhile back. I was actually going to publish it as a separate post and then write my comments or even reply to the guy publicly. I saved it as a draft…
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Ready for 2020? Let’s Make Some Serious Money!

In a world where everybody else makes New Year’s resolutions – I just don’t. I find it rather annoying that I have to read or hear about everybody else’s goals on their blogs during this particular time of year. So… if you were hoping to see my goal’s or resolutions for 2020 in this post…

Introducing My New ‘Dumb Ass’ Branding

In a world where everybody thinks they have to be politically correct… Where thoughts and ideas and opinions are suppressed for fear that somebody, somewhere, might get offended… It’s time for me to unveil something that I thought of a LONG time ago – but I never revealed it or did anything with it. Admittedly,…

A Few of My Faves

by Matthew Allen

The Best Damn Amazon Affiliate WordPress Plugin

The Best Damn Amazon Affiliate WordPress Plugin that Ever Existed

Hello. My name is Matt. And this is my story about why and how I decided to create and build the best damn Amazon affiliate WordPress plugin that ever existed. But first things first – I can only take half of the credit. I actually teamed up with a world-class WordPress developer on this project.…
multi millionaire truck driver

The Multi-Millionaire (Uneducated) Truck Driver

Is it possible to get rich without a college education? Can an average truck driver become a multi-millionaire? Absolutely!! Everybody knows there are exceptional ways to get rich; lottery winners, professional athletes, celebrities and other high-paid professions. Some people actually get rich by “getting lucky,” and they are certainly the exceptions. But most people who…
grinding it out

Grinding It Out – Inspired by McDonald’s Founder, Ray Kroc

I’ve been side hustling on the internet for over 6 years now – trying to find my way to internet riches that I see so many others achieve. It hasn’t been easy, especially considering that my internet endeavors aren’t exactly at the top of my priority list (family and full-time day job come first). I’ve…

Readers Writings

by Worldwide Bloggers

Master Content Marketing to Earn Passive Income as an Affiliate Marketer

Master Content Marketing to Earn Passive Income as an Affiliate Marketer

Here are a few numbers that will make your jaw drop: Bloggers who are experts at affiliate marketing can earn up to (and sometimes over) $10,000 per day. Even beginner affiliate marketers can earn an average of $300 each day. 84% of publishers and 81% of marketers in the US almost exclusively work with affiliate…
stock picking - day trading

Stock Picking and Day Trading: Is it Right For You?

If you’ve ever flipped through CNBC or read the Wall Street Journal, you’ve probably seen investors commenting on how they pick stocks, short sell companies, or day trade successfully. “It can’t be that easy” you might be thinking to yourself. And for most, it isn’t.  Even for the more advanced investors, the risk and time…
How to Make Money with Machine Learning

How to Make Money with Machine Learning

In today’s world, hundreds if not thousands of startups come to market every year to propose innovative solutions to society’s problems. Through the fog of new products and services, one trend shines bright and true: entrepreneurs want to help consumers make passive income any way they can. Whether it’s walking dogs, answering personalized surveys, or…
affiliate marketing

Affiliate Marketing For Dummies [What It Is, How To Start, And How To Win]

Want the simple guide to affiliate marketing? Here we’ll discuss what affiliate marketing is, how to start, and how to win… … the dumb passive income style 😉 Let’s get started. Affiliate Marketing For Dummies Affiliate marketing has a lot of moving pieces, so you might be asking yourself something like this: What is the…
How To Generate Passive Income With An Online T-Shirt Store

How To Generate Passive Income With An Online T-Shirt Store

Passive income is a tantalizing prospect for everyone. Who doesn’t want to sit back and let the profits roll in? Of course, in reality, this takes time and effort to achieve — but it’s possible. If you want a passive income business with a creative twist, an online t-shirt store is for you. Read on…
5 Places to buy and sell affiliate websites in 2020

5 Places to Buy and Sell Affiliate Websites in 2020

There are quite a few options these days for finding an online marketplace to buy and sell affiliate websites – we took the time to research the best places to buy websites and have compiled what we think are key details that both affiliate website buyers and sellers look for when making their next deal!…