Building My First Niche Site – The Dumb Way

Wow! It is taking me a really long time to build my first niche site. As mentioned earlier, I bought two domains and want to complete both of those sites before I buy any more. The entire ordeal is a huge learning process for me, as I am new to WordPress and the concept of building niche websites. Regardless of how long it is taking, I am pleased with how the first site is coming along. I did some things with it though that might be considered dumb. I want to explain them here in this post. First off, I want to share exactly where and how I have learned (and am still learning) how to build niche sites.

Internet Experts Who Have a Clue
That’s right! I’ve learned everything from others who I consider to be experts in internet marketing, building websites, and just making money on the internet in general. All of the information I’ve consumed was free

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Passive Income with Niche Websites

Since all 4 readers that remained at RamblingFever Money seemed to follow me over here, and then some, the blogger in me feels the need to be more specific and tell everybody exactly what I plan to do. If you didn’t get a clue from the title of this post, niche websites is my plan to start out. I have other passive income aspirations as well, but I already have the resources and ability to start building niche sites. This may or may not excite you. When I first heard about niche sites by reading about other bloggers dabbling with them, I shrugged off the idea. I barely knew how to build a blog, let alone a focused website on a particular niche. Over time, the idea has intrigued me more and more. The thought of spending the time to build out a site and then just let it sit and make money for me is pretty exciting.

So Why Niche Sites Instead of a Blog?
A niche site is generally very focused on a specific keyword and set of related long-tail keywords. A blog

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An Introduction to Dumb Passive Income

Dumb Passive Income Introductory Post
Hello! Welcome to Dumb Passive Income. This is the very first post on a brand new blog that I’ve decided to create.  Allow me to introduce myself, in case you’ve not yet read my about page. My name is Matthew Allen. You can call me Matt if you’d like. I’ve been around the blogosphere for a little while now. Most recently, I’ve been blogging in the personal finance niche at RamblingFever Money.  More about that in a later post. But, for those of you who may recognize my name, that is where I come from.

If you’ve read the last three posts that I wrote on my RamblingFever Money blog, you would see that I’ve recently had a bit of a revelation when it comes to creating passive income and getting rich quick. For this very reason, I’ve decided to abandon my former blog and concentrate on this one instead. Within the contents of this blog, I plan to highlight exactly what I am doing to create passive income.

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