A Dumb Mistake and Starting Over


I feel like I need to apologize as I admit to you (my readers) that I have made a terrible mistake with the niche site that I chose to do as part of this Niche Site (the Dumb Way) Follow-Along. As mentioned in my Choosing a Niche… post, part of the reason that I picked the election site was that nobody would steal my idea and build a copycat site due to the fact that the site will be dead after the election. My thought was that I could get it to rank quickly and make some easy money and then move on. This was due in part to my over-confidence because of my first niche site getting to #1 so quickly and easily. Well, it’s not ranking quickly and there are only two months left until the presidential election.

Why Isn’t My Niche Site Ranking?

Just two short weeks ago (about 3 weeks after I started the site) it was already ranking as high as #25 in Google! I was stoked, thinking that I was well on my way to the first page by the beginning of September. This would give me two decent months of earnings on the site before it died. But then it dropped off of the Google rankings altogether. I’m not exactly sure why, but I have a hunch.

I had recently come across a social bookmarking service called SocialAdr. I signed up for the free account and started using it right away solely to build links to my election niche site, http://electionday2012.net. In fact, I have been using the service for the past three weeks and as of today, I have 188 links pointing to my niche site all from different social bookmarking services and from different users. I thought the idea and the process that SocialAdr utilizes was fool-proof and quite awesome. I still think so, but I can’t help but wonder if this quick build up of only social bookmarking links is causing my site to get penalized.

There is an option/setting within SocialAdr to change the rate at which links will be created pointing to your site. I left it on “normal,” but perhaps I should have used either “slow,” or “drip.” I think if I use SocialAdr for another site in the future, I will use “drip,” to have the links build up at a much slower rate which will make it look even more natural.

If you want to check out this service for yourself, please do so through this link – SocialAdr.com (affiliate link). Again, I am not a paid user of their service yet – still using the free account as I test it out. Please tell me what you think about SocialAdr.

So, my massive amount of backlinks in a very short time may have something to do with why I am not ranking. I don’t know. Maybe I just picked a keyword that is impossible to rank for in such a short amount of time. I’ve been working hard on the site. I have 10 posts up that I think are very highly optimized for my keyword – election day 2012. My intent was to keep adding posts to this site using a content curation method all the way through the end of September. Perhaps I would start to rank if I did that, but then the stupidity of all of this hit me. If I am hoping to rank by October, that leaves me only one month to earn on this site before it dies in early November. How dumb is that?!

A Niche Site With an Expiration Date is NOT Passive Income

The title of this website is Dumb Passive Income. It’s purpose is to show others exactly what I am doing to create passive income. Even if this site did start to rank and earn a little bit of income, there will be nothing passive about it after November 6th! I am actively (not passively) working on a site that isn’t even earning while knowing that the site will be dead in a few short months. Hey, I don’t call myself “dumb” for no reason! So, while this is very dumb, it is absolutely not creating any passive income. For this reason, I feel like I should share and highlight a different site for this follow-along.

Starting Over With My Niche Site (the Dumb Way) Follow-Along

Luckily, for me, I realized my mis-hap before I got too far in this follow-along. One of my main reasons for starting over is that people will be reading this follow-along series in the future. If they click over to a niche site that has long since been dead, well, what kind of proof is that?

I still have 6 domains that I’ve purchased for niche sites that I haven’t done anything with yet. I am going to re-analyze those and pick one to use for this follow-along. Labor Day weekend is coming up and I will be relaxing away from home. But, right after that I am going to hit the ground running on the new niche site for this follow-along.

I’m sorry if I’ve wasted any of your time with my mistake. But then again,this is the best way to learn – through mistakes. Hopefully somebody will read about my mistakes and not make the same ones in the future. My next post as part of this series will highlight how I chose my niche and conducted the keyword research for the new site.

Until then, remember that there are several dumb ways to create passive income online, but only one site that is blogging about it! Dumb Passive Income… dot com.