Income Report – August 2012

Hey! By the way… This blog earns money via affiliate marketing – meaning that I earn commissions when you purchase a product or service after clicking a link on this site. As an Amazon Associate, I earn from qualifying purchases. Thank YOU in advance – I really appreciate it.

Welcome to my 2nd ever income report here on my Dumb Passive Income blog. First off, let me admit right up front that this one is not going to wow you or impress you. In fact, I don’t really even want to publish this one because it is kind of embarrassing. But, I’ve made the decision to be committed to publishing these things each and every month. As mentioned in my first ever income report (last month) I am publishing these for a couple of reasons. Partly to keep me motivated to earn some money online so I don’t have to publish embarrassing reports. But mostly to show others exactly how this internet marketing thing works for somebody like me who does this on a very part-time basis. My early income reports will serve as proof that overnight riches are the exception, not the rule, when it comes to making money online. Eventually, they will serve as proof that a good passive income stream can be created by implementing various internet marketing or investing strategies online.

Where Does My Article Income Come From?

My very first attempt at trying to make money online came in early 2010. I had no idea what a blog was at the time. I actually went to Google and typed in the search term, “make money online.” My initial research led me to article writing. I signed up at a site called Associated Content (later bought by Yahoo and now called Yahoo Voices). It was pretty easy. I just wrote and published articles with the promise to be paid $1.50 for every 1,000 page views. How easy is that? I was going to get rich! Well, I didn’t get rich. It took a few months to even reach my first 1,000 page views. Overall, I ended up publishing 32 pieces of content. Most of my content didn’t get very many page views at all, but one article has consistently gotten good traffic. That one article has climbed up to the #1 spot in google for the search term, “how to kill a raccoon.” Keep in mind, I had no idea what a keyword was back then and wasn’t purposely targeting anything. I was just writing a How To article for something I knew about and thought others could benefit from. My article, How To Kill a Raccoon Without Confronting It, now accounts for most of my average of about 100 page views per day from all of my published content. As of the past couple of months, I am now earning 5 or 6 bucks per month in residual (passive) income from page views generated at Yahoo Voices. 32 articles, mostly written in 2010 (a few in 2011) and I am now earning a small passive monthly income by doing absolutely nothing. Imagine if I had just kept writing an article or two per week for the past two and a half years for Yahoo Voices! Here is a screenshot from my dashboard over at Yahoo Voices (the Total Payments shows as $0.00 because I have already been paid for August).

Income and Expenses – August 2012

Ready for a good laugh? I’m sure that sometime in the future, I myself will come back and look at these income reports and get a bit of a chuckle. (Hello future me! I hope you are wildly successful now and enjoying a trip down memory lane when you were just figuring out how to make this online income thing work.) Although the income report overall isn’t very impressive, I did have a few breakthroughs.

I am finally making some affiliate commissions! The one that excites me the most is my very first HostGator (affiliate link) sign-up. Thank You to whomever signed up via one of the HostGator links on my site! That will be worth a $50 commission as soon as that customer reaches the $100 threshold. If they are paying only $9.95/month like me, I won’t be paid for 10 or 11 months – but that’s OK. It is exciting for me nonetheless. I didn’t include this commission in this months report because there is a chance I will never get paid for it (if the customer cancels, defaults, etc.)

Here is how the rest of my income and expenses break down for August 2012…


Google Adsense

  • $6.07 almost entirely from Niche Site #1

Article Writing

  • $5.77 from Yahoo Contributor Network for page views on published articles from last month

Affiliate Income

  • $3.28 from Amazon Associates for sales commissions


Tithing/Charitable Giving

  • $0.00 – After expenses I have negative income this month. Sorry God and charities. Maybe next month.


  • $9.95 to HostGator (Affiliate link) for hosting on this site and all of my niche sites
  • $5.99 to GoDaddy for a hosting product that I forgot to cancel and automatically renewed itself (DUMB!)

Total Income ($15.12) minus Total Expenses ($15.94) equals a net loss of $0.82

I realize that my lack of income gives me very little credibility at this point. Perhaps some who see this will think that I’m an idiot and won’t even come back to my blog. I am confident though that I am on the brink of really turning the corner and producing good, consistent and eventually passive monthly income. Who knows – I might even hit two figures next month! Haha. With a little luck, I could get up towards three figures. We’ll see!

Until then, remember that there are several dumb ways to create passive income online, but only one site that is blogging about it! Dumb Passive Income… dot com.


15 thoughts on “Income Report – August 2012”

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  2. Hey

    Credability is established through being consistent and showing warts and on. 99% of people have to work at something to make anything. and 98% of those give up when the going gets tough. And it can take many many months to break through if not years to find you way.

    Learn, learn, read (you’ve read EVERYTHING that adenseflippers and nichepusruits have written of course along with pat flynn, adapted and refined for the current algo) and test repeat

    If you learn from these guys you can at least reduce the learning curve.

    “Hello future
    me! I hope you Now that you are wildly successful now and enjoying
    enjoy a trip down memory lane from when you were just figuring out how to make
    this online income thing work.” – corrected..
    Lets see what net month brings..

    • I can handle consistency and I’m NOT giving up. Sometimes it seems like all I do is learn, although I am making attempts at putting all of my knowledge into practice. As you know Steve, this has led me to learning through mistakes. Good thing I am enjoying the learning process!

    • 6 bucks on my first niche site… Okay I guess. Better than nothing and I really had no idea what I was doing when I built that site. Not to mention the 5 or 6 bucks I received for articles I wrote a long time ago. Stay tuned, I really think some of my next niche sites will do better. Attempt #2 and #3 kind of flopped. Working on attempt #4 right now!

  3. keep it up! i am so new that i probably wont make even a single dollar this month, your light years ahead of me! just keep it up and hopefully you will start seeing vast improvements!

    • This is my plan Bryan, to keep it up! Don’t worry about not making any money at first. Most people don’t and you have to start somewhere. The key is that you actually DO something in an effort to move forward. Make mistakes and move on. That is what my blog is all about, my journey (including all the dumb mistakes) to passive income. I’m glad you found my blog and are following along.

  4. A great update, regardless of your feeling on it! I wrote a few articles for Helium a while ago, but to get paid you have to stay in the loop on the site. I never really cared about the money. I liked the experience of writing for publication.

    • I can’t tell you how excited I was that first time I got an email telling me, “Your article is published.” I felt like a real writer and even got a snarky comment from my wife… “Wow, I’m married to an author.”

      I was so clueless about blogs back then that I actually created a blog just to promote my article writing. I now know that I can use article writing to link to my other blogs or sites to increase PR.

  5. Not only are you working through the process of getting things started, but you’re being open and honest about the journey. That alone is a great place to start. I can understand and even consider myself to be in a similar boat. I appreciate the feeling and the difficulty of writing that income report with a big fat $0, or in your case a negative number. But don’t give up. What I am doing with my situation is thinking about the possibility that in even a year from now, I might look back at that first post with pride of where I am at that point. So keep on truck’in (did I really use that old joke?) and keep at it.

    • Don’t be sorry about the truckin’ comment. Nothin’ wrong with that! I am definitely keeping at it Steve. I’m glad you found my blog and are following along. Hopefully we can learn together as I make dumb mistakes. I’m actually learning quite a bit from commenters on this site.

  6. I’ve made it this far. I’m going to spend another 2 days reading your blog Matthew. Then I’ll start reading Pat Flynns entire blog along with nichepursuits entire blogs. This will give me a solid foundation on which to build upon.

    Thank you Matthew for your generosity and transparency. Your entire blog reads like a story and I’m having so much fun. I’m following you and will use your affiliate links if i can.

    PS — Shouldnt you have a fb page by now? Just curious as to why not yet. 🙂

    • I don’t know why I ignore FB. For me, I pretty much use my FB account for personal stuff only (except for a few groups that I joined). It seems to me that most other people do the same. Twitter and Google+ seem to be aimed more at promoting businesses, personal brands, websites, etc. So I stick with them. I might start a FB page one day. But that just means one more thing to keep track of.

      Plus – if you’ve read my About page – I reveal that Matthew Allen is only my real first and middle name. My real last name shows up on FB and that might just confuse people.

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