How I Get More Keyword Traffic with Long Tail Pro Platinum

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Keyword Traffic with Long Tail Pro Platinum
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Since my purchase of Long Tail Pro, and subsequent upgrade to Long Tail Platinum, I’ve been getting a lot more keyword traffic to this site. I use Long Tail Pro (Platinum version) to do preliminary research before every single blog post I write now, on this blog and others. The Platinum version of Long Tail Pro enables me to quickly find low competition keywords that have a good number of monthly searches. By quickly, I mean I usually spend less than 10 minutes researching keywords before I write a post. This helps me figure out exactly how I should title the post and which keywords I should optimize for within the post. By simply taking a few extra minutes to do some simple research, I increase the amount of keyword traffic that finds my site through the search engines every single day.

Optimizing for Long Tail Keyword Traffic In a Recent Post

My most recently published post on this blog was a post about Carbonite and their referral program. I had already previously written a post about Carbonite because of a special promotion they were running for the holidays. After the promotion period ended, they decided to extend it. So, I decided to write another post and go after a whole bunch of keywords in order to try to drive more free keyword traffic from search engines. My goal and intent is to attract traffic that is relevant and that is likely to convert with my Carbonite affiliate offer. The deal offers a $20 Amazon gift card to them if they sign up for Carbonite through one of my links. With this in mind, I inserted the following seed keywords into Long Tail Platinum to begin my keyword research: carbonite, carbonite referral, free amazon gift card. The following screenshot and list show some of the keywords that I came up with that have fairly low competition and a good number of searches per month.

Keyword Traffic with Long Tail Pro PlatinumOne of the biggest benefits of Long Tail Platinum, and my favorite, is the Keyword Competitiveness (KC) function. This is not available in Long Tail Pro, you have to pay the monthly fee for Long Tail Platinum – but it is totally worth it for me! This is what allows me to quickly do preliminary keyword research by simply looking at a number and comparing it to a scale. You’ll see the average KC scores in the far right column in the screenshot above. Basically, lower numbers have less competition and therefore will be easier to rank for. Here is the scale that explains what these numbers mean.

Long Tail Platinum - Competitiveness Scale - Dumb Passive Income


So, in my recent post, these are the words I found and decided to optimize for, along with their respective KC scores:

  • earn free Amazon gift cards – 34
  • carbonite referral – 28
  • how to earn Amazon gift cards – 37
  • earn Amazon gift cards – 36
  • Carbonite free trial – 47
  • Carbonite pricing – 39
  • unlimited online backup – 52
  • Carbonite online backup review – 40
  • free gift cards without surveys – 32
  • free Amazon gift card generator – 31
  • passive income – 57

As you can see from the top screen shot above, most of these longtail keywords don’t get thousands of searches. One gets 110 searches, three get 140 searches and two get 480 searches per month. The plan is to optimize slightly for all of the keywords and hope to get a little bit of traffic for each. If I always use a strategy like this for most of my blog posts, I will generate all kinds of diversified keyword traffic to my blog posts.

My Keyword Traffic Results for this Optimization Effort

I am already having success with this effort! In the past week alone, these are some of the organic search terms that have been driving traffic to this site (taken from my Google Analytics):

  • $20 amazon gift certificate for study participation jan. 2013
  • best sites to earn amazon gift cards
  • carbonite $20 gift card
  • earn amazon gift card
  • free amazon gift card
  • free gift card promotion 2013
  • free online amazon gift card generator 2013
  • referral contest amazon gift cards 2013
  • websites for free amazon gift cards

By optimizing for search terms related to earning free Amazon gift cards, I am generating traffic from people who would have never otherwise found my site. The hope is that they will be enticed by the free $20 gift card offer and sign up to get something they should probably get anyway – unlimited online backup for their computer from Carbonite! To date, only one week after publishing that post, I have not yet received any $20 gift cards. This could be attributed to the fact that Carbonite offers a free 15-day trial period. So, in another week or two when these trial periods start to expire, hopefully people will purchase and I will see some gift cards start rolling in.

Not only might I start receiving them soon, but also in the coming weeks and possible months (depending on how long Carbonite runs this promotion). People are still finding this site every day from search terms like these and my site is probably moving up in the Google rankings as time goes on.

I didn’t do any manual link-building or any shady black hat tactics to try to get this site to rank for those search terms. I simply and only optimized that post for keywords that I found with Long Tail Platinum that have low competition. Because they have low competition, my properly optimized post was able to move up in the search rankings quickly. I mean really – I never would have thought to optimize for keywords like: free gift cards without surveys, or free Amazon gift card generator! Both of which have very low KC scores and were very easy to rank for.

Long Tail Platinum Pays for Itself by Generating Long Tail Keyword Traffic

Even if I get only one Carbonite sign up this month, it will have more than paid for my monthly subscription price for Long Tail Platinum. And that is just one of my affiliate offers from one of my blog posts. I have been using this keyword research strategy on this blog and on my credit card niche blog ( for about the past two months. Both sites are monetized solely by affiliate offers (right now) so I am depending on targeted organic search traffic to convert. The best way to find this type of traffic is through proper keyword research with a tool like Long Tail Pro or Long Tail Platinum.

Long Tail Pro - Affiliate Banner

I put the following disclaimer at the bottom of all my posts about Long Tail Pro or Long Tail Platinum:

All links and banners within this post that lead to Long Tail Pro or Platinum are affiliate links. If you choose to make a purchase through any of these links, I will receive a commission. If you’ve found this post helpful and informative and do decide to buy, I greatly appreciate you doing so through one of my links. Thank You and happy keyword hunting!

My efforts with this affiliate alone have not paid off as much as I had hoped, but they do pay for more than my monthly subscription to Long Tail Platinum. Whenever somebody signs up for, or upgrades to Platinum via one of my links, I receive a portion of that amount, recurring each month. Enough people have done this via my affiliate links to more than cover my own costs! This is what I call passive income and this is very cool to me!

Remember, there are several dumb ways to create passive income online, but only one site that is blogging about it! Dumb Passive Income… dot com.

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  1. Good post. I have LTP also and found your site. One thing that I think may help you is if you use Google Authorship for your blog. I see you have Google+. When you use authorship, your Google+ profile pic will show in search results. This def helps to stand out

    • Thanks for the tip Justin! This is actually something that I have struggled with. I’ve spent hours trying to get my authorship set up and working. I’ve put the rel=author in my bio, in author box at the bottom of the post and even tried using a plugin to get this to work. I have my Google+ page set up properly. I’ve read several tutorials on how to do this, including within Google, and I just can’t get it to work! I kind of gave up on it for now, but definitely want to get it working if I can – not only on this blog, but on others as well.

      I think Google authorship is important not only because it makes you stand out, I think Google actually gives sites/posts that use it a little boost in the search results.

      Thanks for stopping by and commenting! Good to hear from you.

      • Yeah, it is kind of a pain. But just from what I remember, you’ll need to hyperlink the text of your full name to your google plus profile on your about page. I see you don’t have that. And that’s one thing that I had to do to get it to work. And google has an “authorship checker” page that helps you know instantly if it will work.

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