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The Niche Blog Project - Dumb Passive Income
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My internet marketing attempts have been fun and interesting, to say the least. I seem to keep jumping from one thing to the next, trying to find the strategy that works best for me to earn an online income. You could say that I have the shiny object syndrome. Every time I see something that looks new or better, I abandon what I was doing and jump to the next thing. My latest, the niche blog project, is actually going to combine much of what I’ve learned over the past year or so and put it all together on one awesome site. The Pay Off Credit Card Network is my brand new site and here is a little bit of background explaining how I got to where I am today.


While running my former money blog, I joined a group called Yakezie. The Yakezie community is a collection of personal finance bloggers who support each other and help each other out. As a newbie blogger, at the time, the Yakezie community was invaluable as I learned the ropes, the ins and outs, and many of the technical aspects of blogging. Within the Yakezie forums, the more experienced bloggers are very helpful and more than willing to help out the newbies.

The point is, I learned a ton about how to build a successful blog and was really gaining some traction with the money blog right before I quit. I got burned out and got tired of doing all of the little things that you need to do to build and keep traffic on a blog. In other words, I was tired of doing all of the active things that needed to be done to have success with a blog like that. I was just getting into reading much of Pat Flynn’s Smart Passive Income blog and listening to his podcasts and I became obsessed with creating more of a passive income.

And then this blog was born. The name, Dumb Passive Income, is an obvious homage to Pat Flynn’s Smart Passive Income. Pat is smart about earning passive income online, as evidenced by his incredible monthly income reports. I am dumb about earning hardly any income online, as evidenced by my pathetic income reports. Which, by the way, I am discontinuing until I have something substantial to report. It is really pointless for me to keep reporting that I am earning barely enough income online to cover hosting and a few other small expenses, leaving a very small profit each month. I only started the income reports because I was starting to see some success and really thought that the whole niche site thing was starting to take off. Speaking of that…

Niche Sites

I quit most of my blogging efforts, aside from posting on this blog once per week, to try to claim my stake in the niche site gold rush. It seemed like an easy enough concept and I loved that the income would be totally passive after I put in the work to build the sites. Micro niche sites were more of a set it and forget it type of website that had wonderful earning potential.

In my quest to learn how to build successful niche sites, I learned quite a bit about keyword research, SEO, WordPress, and different on-page optimization techniques. I was just starting to get it all together and had a few small niche sites built. One was even earning a little bit of money through Adsense. And then Google came out with their latest EMD update and I decided to move my efforts into a different direction.

Niche Blogging

Putting it all together now, I decided to take everything I’ve learned over the past year about blogging and niche sites and put those strategies together to build one big niche blog. Niche blogging isn’t something you really hear a lot of internet marketers talking about. You hear a lot about niche sites or authority sites. A niche blog is kind of a combination of both. I think one of the differences between a blog and just a plain old website is that a blog tends to have updated content more often as well as interaction by it’s owner, authors and users. A lot of the time a plain website is just a place where people go to find information or even buy products.

My goal with my new niche blogThe Pay Off Credit Card Network, is to build an entire community of people who are all committed to doing the very thing that my niche is specifically targeted for – paying off their credit cards. The idea for building the community is kind of a run-off from my experience in the Yakezie community of personal finance bloggers. My hope is that like-minded people will interact with each other in the comments sections for my posts, as well as in the discussion forum.

I plan to utilize everything I’ve learned about blogging to optimize user experience on the site. I want to build relationships with other like-minded bloggers, as well as with users or readers of the site. I want return traffic to the site for the simple reason that people get value from the content and find the site to be a useful resource in their quest to pay off credit cards.

I will also utilize much of what I’ve learned about niche sites to optimize my posts to get as much search engine traffic as possible. Unlike a typical niche site strategy, I will not be relying mostly on search engine traffic – but I still want to get as much of it as possible. I will be using some keyword research tactics, as well as some on-page and back-end SEO strategies.

By combining everything that I have learned about blogging and niche sites and bringing it all together for this niche blog, I feel like I will have an excellent chance for success. By success, I am talking about building a website that gets good traffic numbers, website rankings and of course successful monetization results.

In my next post about the niche blog project, I will discuss some of my specific strategies and go into detail exactly how and why I am using them.

Until then, remember that there are several dumb ways to create passive income online, but only one site that is blogging about it! Dumb Passive Income… dot com.

15 thoughts on “Blogging + Niche Sites = The Niche Blog Project”

    • That is the trick Bryan… making a blog passive. While the running of the site and the constant content creation may not exactly be passive, the potential income it will create will be passive income. I plan to discuss this in more detail in upcoming posts.. as well as a strategy to make the content creating as passive as possible.

  1. Great story Matt and I think you are well on the way to realizing your dream. I can see how you can get lots of traffic and build a great community from this niche. What are you plans for monetization?

    • Thanks Quinn! I’m glad you found my blog and took the time to comment. Monetization? This will all be discussed in detail in a future post. Obviously Adsense will be one way. It’s already up and I’ve already gotten a few clicks that have proven to pay out pretty decently. Affiliate offers will be another big one, both on site and also through an e-mail list which I have yet to start. I will also be open to private advertising and sponsorships, both in the sidebar or through sponsored posts, as long as I can keep them relevant to the site. These will be more of a wait and see kind of thing.. but I will take a more proactive approach to the affiliate offers.

      Concentrating on building content, traffic and links right now. I’ll work more on monetization later.

    • Exactly why I decided to go back to the blog approach. It is more Google-proof. Updated and more regular content is the key, as well as engagement with readers, etc. Besides, with a blog I am not relying on just Google traffic. I will be implementing all the other strategies that I know to drive traffic to a more personalized blog like this.

      Great to hear from you Sam!

  2. I am thinking going to start a blog soon. And i’ve been thinking hard about what name I should give it. Of course I don’t need a name that I won’t like in the future. Using Pat Flynn’s blog title as an example actually came to mind. haha Cheers!

  3. HI Matt,
    I’m just starting to build a blog about niche blogs (so many niches, not just money making niches) and glad discovering this blog. I really like your story being as a truck driver and family man AND internet marketer!


    • Thanks Grant! Niche blogging really is the way to go if you’ve got the time to keep up with it. Google seems to be rewarding recency of content more and more in their search results these days.

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