Earn Free Amazon Gift Cards with Carbonite Referral


Earn Free Amazon Gift Cards worth $20 with Carbonite ReferralWant to hear one way that I generated some passive income throughout much of the month of December? I was able to earn free Amazon gift cards, several of them, through the Carbonite referral program. At the time, Carbonite was running a holiday promotion where the referrer (me) and the person who signed up (the customer) would each receive a $20 Amazon gift card. The promotion was supposed to end on January 3rd, 2013. I was completely shocked when on January 9th another $20 Amazon gift card showed up in my e-mail inbox! I thought maybe there was some sort of delay in the system, until I received an e-mail on January 14th stating that the promotion has been extended. As of January 4th, the $20 Amazon gift card for you and your friend promotion has been reinstated with no planned end date.

How to Earn Amazon Gift Cards

You too can earn free Amazon gift cards! As long as this promotion is still good, you’ll receive your first $20 Amazon gift card as soon as you sign up for a paid subscription for Carbonite (starting at only $59/year). You can then join the Carbonite referral program and share your unique URL with family, friends, acquaintances or anybody else via e-mail, your website or blog, or any social media platform like Facebook or Twitter. Whenever one of your referrals signs up, you receive a $20 Amazon gift card delivered electronically to your e-mail inbox. The person who signed up receives the exact same thing.

Earn Free Amazon Gift Cards with Carbonite Referral

Carbonite Free Trial

Carbonite still boasts a totally FREE 15-day trial period. You can download and use the service completely for free for 15 days. You don’t even need to give them your credit card number! This is not one of those deals where you have to pay, or give them payment information, and then cancel if you don’t want it. No. This is absolutely a no risk FREE trial with 100% access to what paid subscribers get. If after 15 days you decide you don’t want it, they simply stop backing up your computer. If you do decide to purchase before your 15 day free trial expires, you and your referrer (me) will both receive their $20 Amazon gift card bonus (as long as this deal is still going)!

Carbonite Pricing for Unlimited Online Backup

As of the date this post was published, Carbonite pricing still starts at less than $5 per month for unlimited online backup. For only $59 per year, the basic Carbonite Home plan is available for Mac and Windows PC’s. Carbonite HomePlus is $99 per year and Carbonite HomePremier is $149 per year. The latter two plans are only available for Windows PC’s at this time.

Carbonite Pricing for Unlimited Online Backup

Carbonite Online Backup Review

I personally use the basic Home plan for only $59 per year, and have been using this plan for several years now. I absolutely swear by this service, as it totally saved my butt when my hard drive crashed a couple of years ago. All of the data on my old hard drive was unrecoverable. The computer was old anyway, so I bought a new one. I got it home, set it up, connected to the internet and then logged in to my account at Carbonite.com. All I had to do was tell Carbonite that I got a different computer and they easily restored ALL of my lost data onto my new computer exactly the way I had it on my old computer! All of the directories, folders, sub-folders and everything were restored exactly how they were on my old computer.

Free Gift Cards Without Surveys

I happen to know that a certain number of people are going to stumble upon this post because they are searching online for ways to get free gift cards without surveys. In other words, these people are tired of wasting their time filling out and answering stupid survey forms in hopes of getting free gift cards or other monetary benefits. This is the perfect solution!

Instead of wasting time filling out surveys, instead promote an excellent product that everybody should have anyway for their computers. Yes, you have to buy the product yourself first. But you should do that anyway for your own protection and for the peace of mind that comes with an automatic online backup service from Carbonite. When you buy the product through this affiliate link (or any other link on this page that leads to Carbonite), you and I will both receive a $20 Amazon gift card. Then, you too can sign up to be a referrer and send your own affiliate link out and earn an unlimited amount of free Amazon gift cards.

Update (02/22/2013) – at least one person has contacted me stating that they couldn’t figure out how to sign up for the refer-a-friend program so that they too could start earning Amazon gift cards. Here is a link to the sign-up page: http://www.carbonite.com/lp/mktg/refer-signup-join.aspx

Free Amazon Gift Card Generator for Passive Income

By putting up a single post on this blog this past December, I’ve turned my site into a free Amazon gift card generator. I absolutely consider these gift cards a form of passive income because they can be used just like cash to purchase just about any product imaginable on Amazon.com.

It’s funny the way it worked out for me. Whenever I got an e-mail containing my code for a $20 gift card, I would immediately apply that code to my Amazon account so that the funds would be available for me to spend over there. I usually wouldn’t spend it right away. Each time I did spend my gift card money at Amazon though, like clockwork, another $20 Amazon gift card would show up in my e-mail inbox. I earned several of them throughout the month of December (and one in January) and they just always happened to show up a day or two after I spent the previous one! Hopefully, that trend will continue as a result of this post!

So, what are you waiting for? Get signed up at Carbonite today. Get your computer backed up and then start earning your own free Amazon gift cards! I promise, you won’t be dissatisfied with the service, and the Amazon gift cards are a wonderful bonus that you will appreciate. It is so much fun to spend FREE money and I know that you will enjoy it!

Until then, remember that there are several dumb ways to create passive income online, but only one site that is blogging about it! Dumb Passive Income… dot com.

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