Passive Income Opportunities for 2013

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Passive Income Opportunities for 2013 - Dumb Passive Income
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As the New Year is upon us, I for one am excited about the passive income opportunities that await me in 2013. 2012 was a whirlwind of a year for me as I quit my original plan for a money-making blog. I wanted all of the work and time that I put in online to create more of a passive income. It’s been a long and slow learning process for me, but I am definitely heading in the right direction. I’ve attempted several different methods throughout the past year to try to create online passive income. Most of them had something to do with creating different types of websites, and that is mostly what I blogged about on this site. I didn’t have a ton of success with my niche sites, but there still is hope for a few of them in the future. I do have three passive income opportunities that I have been working on that I am really excited about and plan to concentrate on in 2013.

Passive Income with My Niche Blog

I still have big plans for my niche blog, The Pay Off Credit Card Network. Unfortunately, I haven’t been able to dedicate as much time as I would like to that project lately. As of now, it is just a blog with some keyword targeted posts published on it. Much of what I am publishing on it now is meant to be kind of a base. I will be able to reference and link to many of these early posts from future posts. I am now using Long Tail Platinum (affiliate link) to find low competition keywords that are very targeted to the type of audience that I hope to attract over there. I am publishing articles over there that are fully optimized around these keywords and am very confident that they will eventually bring in all kinds of targeted search traffic that is likely to convert.

Speaking of converting, I haven’t exactly revealed my monetization strategy for the niche blog. I do have a couple of Adsense blocks in place, but that will not be my main focus. I actually have plans to build an e-mail list. To entice people to sign up for the list I will be offering a free informational and motivational course, with detailed action plans for paying off their credit cards. I also have another little bonus that I plan to implement to encourage people to sign up. Once they are on the e-mail list, the free course will be sent to them by e-mail in pre-planned and incremental e-mails over a specified period of time. Within the free course I have some killer affiliate offers that will not only help the person on the other end, but will also benefit me by earning me a passive income!

I have an entire outline written and laid out for this plan – I have just not yet been able to find the time to get it all written out in detail and get it into the proper format for this plan. This is one thing I want to concentrate on early in 2013 and plan to dedicate as much time as possible to it. Once this site is complete with the pay off credit card plan, and is finally starting to rank high in the search engines for various keywords – I think it has potential to make an incredible income!

Passive Income from Affiliates on This Site – Dumb Passive Income

You could call this the Pat Flynn Model, or the Smart Passive Income model. Basically, I am using this blog to share what I am doing to try to create passive income online and what tools and resources I am using to do so. Many of these tools and resources have affiliate programs. My hope is that people will find what I am sharing, think it is useful, then click through via one of the affiliate links and make a purchase. If they do, I receive a commission!

I have not yet gotten rich from this method. Pat Flynn pretty much has this market under control. But I have made a few affiliate sales over the past few months. Thank You to anybody who has purchased through my affiliate links in the past (I usually have no idea who these people are unless they tell me). And Thank You to anybody who purchases in the future. Check out my Resources page to see the current products and services that I recommend.

I gotta be totally honest and tell you that I thought about scrapping this whole site. I didn’t want to – but I found that I was spending too much time on this site and not enough time on my niche blog. I really think the niche blog is going to be the money site and has potential to WAY out-earn this site. It didn’t make sense to me to keep pushing forward with this site. But then I got sucked into the hype of the Long Tail Platinum release in December, 2012. Most of what I wrote about in December had to do with Long Tail Platinum and keyword research. More specifically, how keyword research can be beneficial to bloggers. I’ve already made a few affiliate sales for that product and am very excited to keep moving forward and promoting it. I whole-heartedly believe in the power of Long Tail Platinum and the benefits it can provide to bloggers and any other website owners.

So… I am going to keep pushing forward with this site. It really is what I am more passionate about anyway. I love this internet marketing stuff. It seems like I learn something new just about every single day, and I love to share what I learn. I am not an expert, by any means. Which is partly why I think my way of teaching this stuff is very effective. I am teaching from the perspective of somebody who just learned. In a way, I am dumbing it down – which fits perfectly with the theme of the blog – Dumb Passive Income. Hopefully, 2013 will yield some incredible results which will verify my teachings and give me some more credibility.

Passive Income with P2P Lending at Lending Club

I have not talked about this yet on this site, but I believe that peer to peer lending is one of the best and most exciting passive income opportunities that is becoming more readily available to just about anyone in the United States. Much of what I’ve written on Dumb Passive Income so far has to do with internet marketing and building different types of websites to try to create online income. Not everybody has the knowledge though, or desires to obtain the knowledge, to do that sort of thing. There are options for those types of people to make passive income online as well – and peer to peer lending is one of easiest and best (in my opinion).

I opened an investor account at Lending Club in late October, 2012. I put just over $1,000 in that account, which was money that was just sitting in bank savings accounts anyway which were only paying out .01% interest. I was literally making only about one penny per month in interest! I’ve been learning the process, the ins and outs, the restrictions, and different strategies for investing at Lending Club. I plan to write about it in great detail, with screenshots coming up real soon on Dumb Passive Income. For now, I will just tell you that my $1,000 that formerly earned one penny per month in pathetic bank savings accounts is now earning nearly $20 per month in Lending Club loans!

Say we added a couple of zero’s to those numbers. What if I had $100,000 invested at Lending Club. I could be earning $2,000 per month in passive income! Could you even find a rental house for $100k that would net you $2,000 per month in returns? Numbers like this make a passive income opportunity like this too good to ignore. I’ve been investigating Lending Club further and deeper and can’t wait to share what I’ve found with you. This is definitely an investment opportunity that I plan to utilize more and more as I move forward into the future. Click through to their site to learn more about Lending Club Investing (affiliate link), and/or wait for my upcoming posts on the subject. I plan to share in detail all of my strategies and results. 

Lending Club Investor - Dumb Passive Income

Readers: What is your outlook for 2013? Are you hoping to add some passive income to your portfolio of investments or strategies? I would love to hear about it, or any questions or comments about my strategies, in the comments sections below.

Remember, there are several dumb ways to create passive income online, but only one site that is blogging about it! Dumb Passive Income… dot com.

9 thoughts on “Passive Income Opportunities for 2013”

  1. Hi Matt, Great post. Terrific plan to monetize your Credit Card niche and I can really relate to your thoughts about blogging for this website. I am also really looking forward to your posts on lending club. Based on a $2000 return from $100000 that is 2% per month – Does it compound? And, can you do it as easily with $100k passively? I agree that is a spectacular return….. Seems to me like you are focused on a lot of the right things which makes me excited for your year ahead. Prosperous New Year to you! Quinn

    • Hi Quinn. Thanks for your comment and questions. Lending Club returns can compound if you choose to constantly re-invest them. There is a way to “passively” invest in Lending Club loans, kind of like buying a mutual fund, by allowing them to pick the notes for you. I think you have to open a “Prime,” account to do that, which has a minimum balance requirement. That way doesn’t yield the highest returns (only 6 to 10%) because they mainly invest in the lower-risk loans.

      I am choosing to pick my own notes, which takes only 30-60 minutes per month. Passive enough for me. Currently, after being in for just over 2 months, my Net Annualized Return rate is 22.40%!

  2. I’m glad you’re not going to quit this site. I’ve learned a lot from it and enjoyed hearing about your efforts / plans for making some decent side cash.

    I am also going to take a hard look at P2P in 2013. It seems like a good way to diversify my income without risking too much of my principle investment.

    • Thanks MMD for verifying that what I am doing here is not a total waste of my time. It actually makes me feel really good when somebody thanks me for information I shared or compliments me for a specific post. Those compliments sometimes feel better than any monetary gain I might get from affiliate sales. Don’t get me wrong – affiliate sales are still really exciting to me as well.

      So far, I am absolutely loving P2P investing at Lending Club. For a guy like you, who likes to play with numbers and stats, I’m sure you will have fun with it as well. Although it’s classified as a “risk,” I would hardly call it a risk at all. I’m looking at EASILY beating 10% in annualized returns without the ups and downs like we get in the stock market. My goal is to keep my net annualized returns always above 15% and I think that is a very sustainable goal.

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