The 7 Best Passive Income Ideas for Students

Best Passive Income Ideas for Students - Smiling Redhead Girl on Parkbench wearing headphones

Are you a student who is looking to earn some extra money on the side, but the idea of trading your precious time for money (working a job) doesn’t really appeal to you? You may very well be interested in our list of the best passive income ideas for students. To be clear… some effort …

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Dividend Stock Investing to Grow Your Passive Income Portfolio

Dividend Stock Investing

When it comes to generating passive income, dividend stock investing is a great method. Not only is it easy to set up, but the returns can also be reasonably fast, which can make it ideal for beginners or anyone wishing to boost their passive income quickly. Seasoned investors also flock to dividend-paying stocks, as well. …

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Renting Out Your Garage for Monthly Passive Income

Renting Out Your Garage for Storage

Have you ever considered using that wasted garage space that you have as a source of income? Perhaps you weren’t even aware that renting out your garage is a feasible option, and it really isn’t that difficult with today’s technology! I mean… there are dumber ways to create passive income. Believe me – I know. I’m …

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How to Make Extra Money as a Truck Driver

How to Make Extra Money as a Truck Driver

Are you a truck driver looking for some ways to supplement your income? Or maybe you have a different day job, and you’re considering truck driving as a part-time side hustle. Whatever your situation is, you’re no different than many others in the world today. Inflation has hit all of us really hard, and it’s …

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Passive Income for an Abundant Lifestyle

passive income for an abundant lifestyle

A lifestyle filled with abundance is what most people dream of. Abundance for me might look different than abundance for you. Whatever the case may be – an abundant lifestyle typically goes hand-in-hand with a healthy amount of passive income to help fuel that lifestyle. More passive income equals more abundance. That is the equation. …

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Passive Income for Lawyers – Win the Case Against Financial Stress

passive income for lawyers

Successful lawyers take years of hard work, focus, passion, and determination. And, the hefty paycheck you may be dreaming of only arrives after the substantial experience. But, other than representing clients, analyzing legal problems, interpreting laws, and fighting cases, you have another side to your life. A side away from the courtroom noise, where you …

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Invest in a REIT to Increase Your Passive Income Portfolio

Invest In a REIT

REIT (pronounced ‘reet’) stands for Real Estate Investment Trust, and since its inception in  1960, the sector has grown to be worth $4.5 trillion in the United States alone. But what exactly is REIT investing, and how can it benefit you? This article explains just what a REIT is and how a strategy to invest …

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Crowdfunding Real Estate for Easy Passive Income

crowdfunding real estate investor - tiny homes on top of coin piles

It is well known that the path to wealth and riches often passes through the land of real estate in one way or another. The formula is simple… Own real estate investments and become wealthy! However, getting down and dirty in the trenches of real estate investing – like acquiring property and dealing with the …

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