Passive Income for an Abundant Lifestyle

passive income for an abundant lifestyle

A lifestyle filled with abundance is what most people dream of. Abundance for me might look different than abundance for you. Whatever the case may be – an abundant lifestyle typically goes hand-in-hand with a healthy amount of passive income to help fuel that lifestyle. More passive income equals more abundance. That is the equation. …

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10 Revealing Statistics About The Truck Driving Profession

Truck Driver Statistics

Truck driving is a tough job in an unnoticeable industry that ironically brings in almost 90% of what Americans consume. Truckers move almost 70% of America’s freight at a lower cost than any other mode of transportation. As part of America’s transportation machinery, Truckers must go through job challenges to keep the country and its …

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Are Truck Drivers Rich? You Might Be Surprised

man standing in front of semi truck - are truck drivers rich

The answer is… it depends. Are truck drivers rich? It depends on who’s asking or who is being asked. The nature of this question is very subjective. What does the person who is asking consider as “rich”? What about the person answering the question? How much money do they consider to be “rich”? Somebody in …

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