Niche Site Follow-Along 2012

Building a Niche Site (the Dumb Way) Follow-Along 2012

Welcome to the main hub for my Niche Site (the Dumb Way) Follow-Along. Click on any of the links below to read specific details for each separate aspect of building a niche site, the dumb way. I hope you enjoy and I hope this is helpful for those of you who don’t want to spend the money, but are willing to spend the time to build niche sites like me… the dumb way.

An Introduction to the Niche Site Follow-Along for 2012

Choosing a Niche and Keyword Research

Purchasing a Domain and Hosting and How To Set Up

A Dumb Mistake and Starting Over

My New Niche and Keyword Research Explained

WordPress Setup for My Niche Sites

My Content Strategy for Niche Sites

Google’s EMD Update – Setbacks and Moving Forward

Update Feb. 14, 2013: I have not touched this niche site since the Google EMD update occurred in late September, 2012. Currently, my site is ranking at #122 in Google for the keyword – getting rid of fleas. It is sitting at #162 in Google for the other main keyword – how to get rid of fleas.

I do have some ideas for adding content and possibly boosting this site in the rankings before this coming summer. Summertime is typically when more flea problems occur, so hopefully I will have time to work on this site a little bit more before then.

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