The Miniature Niche Site Project – Mini NSP

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The Miniature Niche Site Project - Mini NSP
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When I started this blog in May of 2012, my efforts to create passive income online were targeted mostly at building smaller niche sites. I had some early success with my very first attempt at building a niche site. I got over-confident and decided that I was qualified to teach others how to obtain the same success that I had found. So I decided to do a Niche Site Follow Along, inspired mostly by Pat Flynn’s very popular Niche Site Duel series. I started to show my exact processes for how I build a niche site. I failed on my first attempt and started over from scratch, all within that same follow along series. I was plugging away on my next attempt, and then the EMD update hit and completely burst my niche site bubble. So what did I do to keep my burning desire to create passive income online alive?

I moved on to another project that I am calling my Niche Blog Project. This project is ongoing and I think has potential to be a massive earner. All the while, I still follow some of my favorite blogs that taught me so much about building (niche) websites. One of those being Spencer Haws very popular site, Niche Pursuits. Spencer recently started his own public Niche Site Project where he is sharing his exact process for building a niche site. He is going into great detail and revealing everything about the site. His project is creating quite a buzz and people are very excited to watch his process, especially because he has proven that what he does actually works.

Motivation and Inspiration via Case Study

It’s very easy to teach, and for others to learn, with a case study method like this. People can look at real examples and see for themselves what works and what doesn’t and the reasons why. They can see this through written descriptions, videos, screenshots and even by going to specific URL’s themselves. The proof is all laid out clearly for anyone to see. Complete and total trust is built this way. If you can prove your success (or failure) in what you are trying to teach by showing examples, people will be more likely to trust you. When they trust you, they will be more likely to take and implement your recommendations. They will try to model their success after yours.

This is what Spencer has already done with his blog, and is taking it to the next level with his new Niche Site Project. This is what I attempted to do with my early Niche Site Follow Along and also with my attempts at teaching others the benefits of using keyword research for blogging. I’ve been working on and testing some other strategies of my own, and always plan to share my results on this blog. I’m very busy and can hardly keep up with everything I am trying to do, but Spencer’s latest project has inspired me to do a Miniature Niche Site Project myself.

My Miniature Niche Site Project

Admittedly, the keyword and niche that I have chosen is something that I researched and purchased the domain for long before I started using Long Tail Pro (affiliiate link). I actually bought this domain in July, 2012 and haven’t done anything with it yet except load WordPress onto it. Had I been using Long Tail Pro at the time, I probably would not have purchased this domain. Before the EMD update, I used to get over-excited when I found an exact match domain with a good number of searches and what I thought was low competition. I would get especially excited if the EMD was a .com.

The domain I purchased is The exact keyword has the following stats:

  • Keyword: how to make dishwasher detergent
  • Local (U.S) searches: 590
  • CPC: $2.52
  • Average KC: 32 (Long Tail Platinum metric that analyzes Google top 10 competitition)
  • Advertiser competition: 10 (scale 1 to 100 – higher number = more advertisers for keyword)

As you can see, this isn’t exactly a stellar keyword to go after, especially if the intent is to monetize with Google Adsense. With an advertiser competition score of 10, there aren’t that many advertisers bidding on this particular keyword.

There happens to be another highly related keyword that has much better stats… kind of. Check this out:

  • Keyword: homemade dishwasher detergent
  • Local (U.S.) searches: 5400
  • CPC: $1.91
  • Average KC: 23
  • Advertiser competition: 2

Mini Niche Site Project - Keyword Research


The keyword, homemade dishwasher detergent, gets a lot more searches per month and has a very low Average KC score. Again, the advertiser competition is almost non-existent with a score of 2. That just means that I might not have a lot of luck monetizing with Adsense and will have to come up with another way to monetize. Looking at the current top 10 results in Google, I think I have a very good chance of getting this site to rank for this keyword. I’ve highlighted some of the key statistics that cause me to believe this in the screenshot below. Some of these stats include: 5 results with VERY low KC scores, 5 results with ZERO juice page links, and 3 results with a zero or one page rank.

Mini Niche Site Project - More Keyword Research
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My Thoughts and Plans for This Mini NSP

This may not be the ideal niche to go after for a public niche site project like this. But, I already owned the domain and I do see some potential. Since I wanted to build another niche site to follow along with Spencer’s NSP, it might as well be this one. I do have some “thinking outside the box” type ideas that I can implement with this site. I also look forward to learning from Spencer and others who are following his NSP and possibly implementing some of their strategies and ideas.

I plan to go after the latter keyword, homemade dishwasher detergent, more so than the exact match keyword. In a sense, I will consider both of these keywords as “primary” target keywords for this site. More of my article will likely target the keyword that gets more search results and is easier to rank for though.

I won’t be going into nearly as much detail in my Mini NSP as Spencer is in his. Thus the name, Mini NSP. This is partly due to the fact that I have too many other things going on and I still work a full-time day job. I will try to follow along and post relevant topics to what Spencer recently posts on his as often as I can. Just like Spencer recently revealed his niche, keyword and domain – I did the same in this post.

Readers: I would love to hear your thoughts, ideas, criticisms and suggestions regarding my niche selection and start to this Mini NSP.

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5 thoughts on “The Miniature Niche Site Project – Mini NSP”

  1. Matt, just stay determined! You are going to succeed at this. I’m certain of it! You provide a valuable resource, you’re a talented writer, and you’re hungry. I’m inspired for sure!

  2. Even with a 3% conversion rate with Adsense, you’d still stand to make almost $300 per month if you make it to the first SERP. And with a KC of 23, I’d say you’ve got a great shot at making it there! I’ll definitely be following along and hoping for the best.

    • Thanks MMD. Those are optimistic numbers for this niche… I know. The challenge with this niche is the advertiser competition. It’s pretty much non-existant, meaning not a lot of relevant Adsense ads will show up on my pages. For this reason, I may have to get creative with how I monetize. I do have something up my sleeve in that regard. I’ll probably put Adsense on anyway just to see how it does.

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