A Backlinking Strategy Experiment for a Small Niche Site


Backlinking Strategy Experiment for Niche SitesIn June of this year I published an article explaining my specific backlinking strategies for niche sites. In it I admitted my dislike for having to do backlinking tasks but also acknowledged the need to do them. I highlighted and linked to some of the stuff I had read recently about link building – stuff written by some of the leaders in the internet marketing and niche site building space. I concocted my own customized link building strategy based on stuff that was working for others. I even set up spreadsheets for each of my current niche sites in order to keep myself on track. The purpose for the spreadsheets was to act as kind of a check off list for each of my backlinking tasks. It has now been about two and a half months since I published that post. Would you like to know how it is working out for me?

Backlinking Strategy Results

I really wanted to put the strategy to the test and stick with it for one specific site. And I did stick with it…. for about the first 3 weeks. But then, as I often do, I got sidetracked and started working on other things. Although I knew better, I grew impatient after not seeing immediate results. I still had intentions to keep up with my backlinking schedule. I just didn’t. The other things I started to work on gained higher priority status in my mind. Copy & pasted from my previous post, and then updated, here are some stats and thoughts from the site I am talking about.

Niche Site #7

  • Keyword: not revealed
  • Domain: not revealed
  • Current monthly searches: 1900 US – 3600 global
  • Long Tail Pro Avg KC: 26
  • Monetization: Adsense
  • Current ranking in Google: #47 (Highest #36)
  • Earnings: $15.43
  • Thoughts: The site has 12 posts published (all in May 2013) and is currently getting about 100 visitors per day from a few long tail search terms. That’s pretty good traffic, considering most of these search terms are leading to one of the specific secondary articles on the site. I still have high hopes for this site and still plan to build a few more links to it when I get some time. When or if I start ranking for the main keyword and more of the long tail keywords, this site should still do pretty well.

The SocialADR Only Experiment on a New Niche Site

Having another keyword to go after along with the new domain already purchased, I decided to build out another smaller niche site. This time the keyword I was going after had even less competition, meaning it should be even easier to rank for in Google. This I determined by its lower KC Score in Long Tail Pro, which was 24. I’ve had success ranking single blog posts on this site (Dumb Passive Income) around keywords with KC Scores in the low 20’s – so I knew an entire site built around a keyword with a score this low would be really easy to rank. Also, this particular keyword gets 2,400 local monthly searches and has a lot of available Adsense advertisers bidding on this keyword and keywords like it. This was a perfect keyword to build out a small site around and monetize with Adsense.

I outsourced and published only 4 articles on this site. The main article, optimized around the main keyword, is about 2,000 words long and is stuck to the homepage of the site. The three secondary articles are only 700 words each and are optimized for a few highly related long tail keywords. These outsourced articles are very high quality and probably turned out better than if I had attempted to write them myself.

Now for the SocialADR ONLY backlinking experiment. I did absolutely zero manual backlinking for this site (other than SocialADR). No blog commenting, no directory submissions, no expired domains. Nothing. I only added all 4 posts to SocialADR 10 days after the first post was published. Below is a timeline showing my rankings each and every day, plus my activity showing exactly what I did and when.

Rankings and Activity by Day

Day Date Ranking Activity
Day 1 7/23/2013 135 Main post published
Day 2 7/24/2013 137 1st secondary post published
Day 3 7/25/2013 136
Day 4 7/26/2013 139 3 posts total published
Day 5 7/27/2013 154
Day 6 7/28/2013 151 4 posts total published
Day 7 7/29/2013 151
Day 8 7/30/2013 52
Day 9 7/31/2013 44
Day 10 8/1/2013 56 added all 4 posts to SocialADR – main content 100 – other articles 50 each
Day 11 8/2/2013 58
Day 12 8/3/2013 46
Day 13 8/4/2013 53
Day 14 8/5/2013 55
Day 15 8/6/2013 51
Day 16 8/7/2013 27 SocialADR – main 76/100 | article2 50/50 | article3 50/50 | article4 39/50
Day 17 8/8/2013 27 put Adsense on site plus some Clickbank banner ads
Day 18 8/9/2013 25
Day 19 8/10/2013 25
Day 20 8/11/2013 24 On vacation -doing absolutely nothing
Day 21 8/12/2013 23
Day 22 8/13/2013 23
Day 23 8/14/2013 24
Day 24 8/15/2013 25
Day 25 8/16/2013 25
Day 26 8/17/2013 24
Day 27 8/18/2013 25 ordered 50 Facebook Likes on SocialADR
Day 28 8/19/2013 25 sent out 3 articles to be published on relevant blogs linking back to niche site
Day 29 8/20/2013 26
Day 30 8/21/2013 29

Notes and Comments:

  • Day 1 – I published only the main 2,000 word post and ranked at #135 in Google that same day! Great sign.
  • Scheduled next 3 posts to publish every other day for the rest of that week
  • 2 days after all posts scheduled, rankings shot to 52 in Google with zero backlinks
  • Day 10 – added all 4 posts to SocialADR – 0rdered 100 submissions for the main post and 50 each for the others
  • Day 16 – rankings shot up to #27 – checked SocialADR main post had 76 of 100 submissions complete, article 2 – 50 of 50, article 3 – 50 of 50, and article 4 – 39 of 50
  • Day 17 – put Adsense on site plus a few Clickbank banner ads that are somewhat relevant
  • Rankings stayed between 23 and 29 all the way up to day 30 – which concludes my 30 day experiment
  • Day 27 and 28 I started to implement some other link building tactics, knowing that they wouldn’t take effect until after Day 30

SocialADR Experiment Conclusion

It appears that SocialADR bookmarking links, as I explained in more detail in this previous post, actually do help at least by a little bit. Only 6 days after adding my posts to SocialADR, I started to see results. (Results may vary depending on your settings in SocialADR – I set my submission rate to Slow in order to make it look more natural). I’ve said all along that bookmarking links and using a service like SocialADR are not the be-all end-all answer to link building for niche sites (or any other site). But these types of links absolutely help as part of an overall link building or backlinking strategy. They provide a bit of link diversity and even help drive some initial traffic to a brand new site.

As of Day 30, here are the rankings in Google for each of the 4 keywords I am going after with this site.

  • Main keyword – 29
  • Keyword 2 -24
  • Keyword 3 -27
  • Keyword 4 -30

And here is a screenshot from Ahrefs for this site after doing only SocialADR submissions for backlinks for 30 days.

SocialADR Experiment for Backlinking Strategy for Niche Site


So there you have it. 100 backlinks from doing nothing but a few SocialADR submissions. Now I just need to add a few more links that hold more value to this site and it should be ranking on the first page of Google in no time. I have plans in place for this, including three articles on 3 different relevant sites that an acquaintance agreed to post for me in exchange for some links I provided for him in the past. I also found one relevant expired domain with a great backlink profile that I plan to build out and point to this site.

But overall, I am pleased with the results of my SocialADR only experiment. I wanted to do this just to see what affect these types of links actually had. I had already liked and believed in the service, but now I am more convinced than ever that it actually does offer some value. I wasn’t completely certain before that these types of links held any value with Google.

If you want to consider trying out SocialADR for yourself, feel free to check it out here or by clicking the banner below.

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Image: “Iron link” from Flickr by Andreas Levers