Niche Site at Night Update – Unexpected Delays (A bad one and a good one)

Niche Site at NightIt’s been a week since I published my introductory post for my Niche Site at Night case study. If you are reading this in real time, it will make sense that I am publishing a post like this today. If you are reading this in the future – this won’t matter much to you. But as I chronicle the entire thing – I wanted to keep you up to date as to what is going on. I published the intro post on a Monday in July, 2014. I fully expected to jump right in and start working on the site that entire week at night. So why didn’t I?

I actually caught a bad cold during the hottest time of the year – the middle of summer! I felt absolutely miserable for most of last week and didn’t get very much done at all. As far as unexpected delays – that was the bad one. There’s also a good one that applies to this week.

Due to some complications with the living situation for my wife, kids and father-in-law in Ann Arbor – they are between places to live for just one week. My wife is staying in Ann Arbor with her dad for the week in an extended stay hotel and I get to take care of my kids at home all week! Family will be watching them during the day while I am at day job – and I get to spend time with them each night this week! Awesome for family time – not awesome for all that free time I thought I was going to have.

Needless to say – not much is going to get done this week either. But the good news is that we found an awesome place near Ann Arbor where my family will be staying for the rest of the summer. Moving them in this coming weekend. So next week I plan to hit this Niche Site at Night thing really hard. I pretty much will have to get it all done during the month of August (except for link building which will take several months).

I do want to leave you with a valuable nugget of information anyway this week. I haven’t decided on a niche for this site whatsoever yet. I haven’t even began to think about starting research for it. But I have thought about the monetization method. I do not want to put my Adsense account at risk with a public case study like this – so I am almost 100% sure I will be building an Amazon site. Yeah – it will be an Amazon site. In case you didn’t see it – I wrote a detailed post last November showing some pretty cool strategies I use to find Amazon niches. I am still using these strategies today and they still work quite nicely. If you don’t want to click over to that post, I copy & pasted the video portion of it and included it below. When I get into the real case study, you’ll be seeing more video of me using similar strategies to what I share in the video below.

Video: Finding Profitable Keywords for Amazon Affiliate Sites

Warning: Valuable secrets revealed within this video!!

Or you can watch the video directly on YouTube here:

Tools Used in the Video:


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Hope you got some value from this. Looking forward to next week when I jump into this Niche Site at Night thing head first!