Niche Site at Night Update – Unexpected Delays (A bad one and a good one)

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Niche Site at NightIt’s been a week since I published my introductory post for my Niche Site at Night case study. If you are reading this in real time, it will make sense that I am publishing a post like this today. If you are reading this in the future – this won’t matter much to you. But as I chronicle the entire thing – I wanted to keep you up to date as to what is going on. I published the intro post on a Monday in July, 2014. I fully expected to jump right in and start working on the site that entire week at night. So why didn’t I?

I actually caught a bad cold during the hottest time of the year – the middle of summer! I felt absolutely miserable for most of last week and didn’t get very much done at all. As far as unexpected delays – that was the bad one. There’s also a good one that applies to this week.

Due to some complications with the living situation for my wife, kids and father-in-law in Ann Arbor – they are between places to live for just one week. My wife is staying in Ann Arbor with her dad for the week in an extended stay hotel and I get to take care of my kids at home all week! Family will be watching them during the day while I am at day job – and I get to spend time with them each night this week! Awesome for family time – not awesome for all that free time I thought I was going to have.

Needless to say – not much is going to get done this week either. But the good news is that we found an awesome place near Ann Arbor where my family will be staying for the rest of the summer. Moving them in this coming weekend. So next week I plan to hit this Niche Site at Night thing really hard. I pretty much will have to get it all done during the month of August (except for link building which will take several months).

I do want to leave you with a valuable nugget of information anyway this week. I haven’t decided on a niche for this site whatsoever yet. I haven’t even began to think about starting research for it. But I have thought about the monetization method. I do not want to put my Adsense account at risk with a public case study like this – so I am almost 100% sure I will be building an Amazon site. Yeah – it will be an Amazon site. In case you didn’t see it – I wrote a detailed post last November showing some pretty cool strategies I use to find Amazon niches. I am still using these strategies today and they still work quite nicely. If you don’t want to click over to that post, I copy & pasted the video portion of it and included it below. When I get into the real case study, you’ll be seeing more video of me using similar strategies to what I share in the video below.

Video:ย Finding Profitable Keywords for Amazon Affiliate Sites

Warning: Valuable secrets revealed within this video!!

Or you can watch the video directly on YouTube here:ย

Tools Used in the Video:


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Hope you got some value from this. Looking forward to next week when I jump into this Niche Site at Night thing head first!

25 thoughts on “Niche Site at Night Update – Unexpected Delays (A bad one and a good one)”

  1. Good luck with everything Matt, i’ll be looking forward to next week. Regarding the amazon affiliate site, that’s what i wanted to do as well; awesome ๐Ÿ™‚

    • Awesome Alan! Amazon sites are really where it’s at lately. My last several sites that I’ve put together are Amazon sites. Only one is ranking and earning right now – but it’s so much fun to watch it grow and see people buying actual products via my links. It’s a much different feeling of satisfaction as compared to making money via random clicks on Adsense ads.

  2. I personally LOVE amazon affiliate sites and I am glad that you have decided to monetize your site this way. Good luck with everything and I will be following along the whole way!

    • Why do you love them Josh? Are you seeing success with them already? Glad to have you along for the journey. Hopefully we’ll learn a thing or two from each other.

      • I have multiple sites that all use amazon as the primary way of monetization and I have been seeing awesome success with them. And I hope so too Mathew!

  3. Hey matt
    It’s great a negative turned into a positive for you. Spending time with your kids is more important! Hope you feel better and I’ll be waiting in the wings for your case study to begin.

    • Yeah Bill – it is great to be able to spend time with my kids. They are really enjoying it too! My health has returned and I can hardly wait to jump into this thing. It’s tempting to start right now – but I’m not letting myself when I know my time is limited. Will be much easier when my family is away.

    • Thanks Raweewan. Sometimes it’s good to have a little bit of “down time” online. But on the other hand, I get really frustrated with myself if I don’t accomplish at least a little something that will eventually lead to future income.

  4. Delays happen. I had a earlier last month as I was preparing to move to a new place. But since then, I’ve been crushing it as far as productivity goes.

  5. My sole Amazon site continues to generate sales– $30-$50 monthly on average– despite zero work on it by me. It is a great model that I think could be repeated over and over, for those with the inclination. Hope you’re over your cold and good luck with the new project!

    • Mike – the fact that you were creating that niche site and writing a little bit about it on your blog is what led me to your blog in the first place! Just imagine the possibilities if you were able to put more time into the site and create more like it. Passive income! That’s what it’s all about.

      • Yeah, we’re doing too well right now with active incomes and my aspirational stuff is mostly limited to fitness, keeping our existing finances and investments solid, and finishing the PhD. I’ll be done soon with the degree and then that opens up the space to get back to whatever is next– I’m still looking to transition in three years, so next steps will come into focus soon enough! You’re doing fantastic work in niche sites (and so are others, like Spencer) and the Internet is probably okay with my absence on that topic!

  6. Hey Matt
    Just found your site through Matt Woodward (incase you were wondering). Keen to follow along with this case study ๐Ÿ™‚ The fact that you’ve said you will try to build on top of Pat’s and Spencer’s case study efforts got me interested. I know not much about affiliate marketing, trying my arm with facebook ads unsuccessfully so far. I know NOTHING about Amazon affilaite sites so I look forward to learning.

    • Hey Joe – glad to have you on board! Very cool that you found me through Woodward’s site. I”m grateful that he includes me in his income report roundup each month. His site gets a TON of traffic and sends a few of those visitors my way each month when he published that post.

      Thanks for sharing your desire to learn more about Amazon affiliate sites. I’m seeing that quite a few are eager to learn more about these types of sites. I’m eager to share what I know! Should be a ton of fun.

  7. Hi, another follower from the Netherlands.
    Curious how you’ll be trying to convert, because I’m having trouble with visitors bouncing very quickly from my amazon site. Hope you’ll go into this and what is working for you.
    Good luck.

    • Hi Jeroen – glad to have you along. I do have one Amazon site that is converting pretty well right now – and a few others that I built very similar to it that are climbing in the rankings. I will be building this site pretty much just like those – so yes, we will be covering my conversion tactics.

  8. I also have the amasuite software tools, those tools come really handy when doing keyword research. I was actually planning on making this same type of video!

    • Cool Cornell. I plan to use the tools from the very beginning as I look for a niche – so there will be even more videos featuring the power behind the Amasuite tools.

  9. From what I understand, in your “main ad-sense income generating site”, you never use your REAL name as author when you write content and you never refer this blog site to that “as sense site” because there might be haters who will kill your ad-sense website by abusing the clicks….hmmm…interesting…I have always wondered why do you keep your ad-sense websites a secret.

    When you write contents on your as-sense income generating websites, do you simply use the website name as author or do you use an actual person name as author? Just curious.

    • I’m actually not worried about haters abusing clicks on my Adsense ads anymore. I think Google has safeguards in place for that. The worry is that haters will destroy my site(s) – (any of my niche sites, not just Adsense) by performing negative SEO. I’ve seen it happen to others (like Spencer from Niche Pursuits) when they shared their sites publicly. Plus – I don’t want to give away my niches and invite competition.

      But at the same time – the best way to teach is to show. So, going into a public case study like this one, I understand the risks and weigh them against the rewards.

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