How to Create Passive Income by Flipping Domain Names

Flipping Domain Names

Domain flipping is a brilliant way of harnessing the internet to generate passive income for yourself, your family, or your future. From the outside, flipping domain names looks like it is simple, but there is a method to follow to be successful, as well as one very dangerous hazard that you’ll definitely want to avoid! …

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The Road to Passive Income for Truck Drivers

Truck Driver with CB Radio

The trucking industry as a whole is one of the largest industries in America. It employs over 3 million people as truck drivers, and the industry generates more than $700 billion dollars in revenue annually. This article is not about truck driving as a career or how owners of trucking companies can earn passive income. …

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31 of the Best Passive Income Books for Timeless Inspiration

passive income books

In a world where book-reading seems to be increasingly pushed to the side with video and audio content rising in popularity… I’m here to tell you that book-reading is still alive and well! I would even argue that there is no better place to find organized information on financial freedom and passive income than in …

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27 of the Best Passive Income Ideas for Everyday People

passive income ideas

Are you looking for some truly passive income ideas to help you generate multiple income streams? Then you’re in the right place. This article lists 27 great ideas that you can do to generate money with minimum time investment. So if you have some spare cash and you’re looking to put it to work building …

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Passive Income for Retirement

passive income for retirement

Whatever retirement looks like for you – no doubt, passive income will have to factor into your equation in some way or another. For most people (like almost everybody), we have to work in order to earn money. At some point in our lives, we will stop working. If this work stoppage isn’t caused by …

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Passive Income for Your Loved Ones

passive income for your loved ones

The most irresponsible thing you could possibly do while living on this planet would be to die without making sure your loved ones are taken care of. Specifically, I am talking about a situation where you are the main provider for your family and you die earlier than anybody expected. The same holds true even …

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How to Make Money on Amazon Without Selling Anything

how to make money on amazon without selling

The Amazon ecosystem is the beast of all beasts when it comes to eCommerce and making money online. If you don’t fully understand how eCommerce and internet marketing works – you may share some common misconceptions regarding Amazon and how money is made. Did you know that many people think that Amazon is actually the …

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