The Carnival of Money Pros

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The Carnival of Money ProsI got an email earlier this week informing me that I was scheduled to host the Carnival of Money Pros on my site this week. I honestly had no idea that I even signed up, so I was a little confused. I did some checking and figured out that I did indeed sign up to host this carnival on a site of mine that is no longer active. Oops! The site I had intended to host the carnival on was a niche blog I was working on and trying to build a community around @ – I stopped working on that site and haven’t published any new content since April 2013. It gets almost no traffic at all and the site statistics are dismal at best.

To be fair to everybody who has submitted to this weeks carnival, I’ve decided to post it here on Dumb Passive Income. This site has better stats, more authority and some actual traffic – compared to the site I originally signed up with. I think this will be good for everybody involved. Plus, it’s a perfect opportunity for me to explain to my audience what a blog carnival is and how to use them.

What is a Blog Carnival?

Basically, a blog carnival is a post on a blog which features a whole bunch of posts from other peoples blogs. It is similar to a round-up post, except that people actually submit the posts they want included in the carnival and then they may or may not be included depending on the rules of each particular carnival. You will see exactly what a carnival looks like below.

What are the advantages of submitting to blog carnivals?

There are a few advantages. Many people submit just to get those all-important links pointing back to their site for SEO purposes. Relationship and audience building are other great reasons. You never know which site is going to be hosting that you never heard of before. You learn more about that site and they and their readers have an opportunity to learn more about yours!

How and where do I submit to blog carnivals?

I personally don’t even do this anymore – which is why I was caught off guard when I was informed that I would be hosting this week. Here are the two main sites that I know about that I previously used (if you know of any more, let me know in the comments and I will add them):

If you are accepted and your submission is published on somebody else’s blog, you are supposed to link back to that carnival as a courtesy. This keeps everybody happy and keeps relevant link juice flowing around for the benefit of everybody involved.

And now here is this weeks carnival!

The Carnival of Money Pros

Lauren @ L Bee and the Money Tree writes Extreme Budgeting for Debt Reduction – Budgeting for debt reduction is hard, because it is often so extreme! There are often times things you feel you cannot live without, but think again.

IMB @ Investing Money writes Determining How Much Money You Need to Retire – Figuring out how much money you need in order to retire may seem pretty difficult, as there are a lot of variables that may be hard to answer, but the answer may not actually be as tricky as it seems. Consider the following factors to get an idea of just how much you will need to retire.

Daisy @ Suburban Finance writes The Age-Old Question: Rent or Buy a Home? – Whether to rent or buy a house – which is better, renting or buying?

Minimalist @ Minimalist Finance writes Setting Your Housing Budget – Setting Your Housing Budget has been published on Minimalist FinanceWhen you are thinking of buying a home, there is something daunting about setting your budget, especially as first time home buyers.

Crystal @ Married (with Debt) writes It’s Open Enrollment Time – It’s that time of year again, Open Enrollment. It’s that one time a year that I can make changes to my health benefits for the following year.

Debt Guru @ Debt Free Blog writes Apartment Hunting: 5 Tips To Find Your Next Apartment for Cheap – Looking for an apartment? It can be pricey, but not impossible. Read for tips and tricks will help you find your next apartment for a decent price.

Suba @ Broke Professionals writes Don’t Live Life for the Taxman – Taxes can really take a bite if you do well and have high income. It may be tempting to live life by the IRS’s rules to lessen the bite.

Mrs. Accountability @ Out of Debt Again writes Could You Make It on Food Stamps? – So my question is could you make it on food stamps? Read my take!

Corey @ 20s Finances writes Retirement Moves to Make in Your 20s – Preparing for retirement while in your twenties is best accomplished by getting on the right path instead of focusing on the details.

Wayne @ Young Family Finance writes Preparing to Start a Young Family – It’s important to budget – especially when adding to your home. The financial checklist you need when you’re about to start a young family.

Tushar @ Earn More and Save writes How to Make an Extra $1,000 Per Year (Even If You’re Strapped for Time) – What would you do with an extra $1,000? You could use it for Christmas shopping, pay down debt, beef up your emergency fund, or take a fun trip.

Dominique Brown @ YourFinancesSimplified writes 5 Major Myths About Retirement – Many of us put some money away here and there for our retirement, but very few of us truly understand how much we will really have in the future. After inflation, how much will your million dollars really be worth/? If you plan to retire 30 years from now, that million bucks might only The post 5 Major Myths About Retirement appeared first on Your Finances Simplified.

Corey @ Steadfast Finances writes Ways to Avoid Losing Money when Selling your Home – If you are putting your home on the market, the chances are you want to get the best offer possible for it. The sale process is punctuated with a number of pitfalls that can result in a homeowner losing money on their home. Here are three ways to squeeze as much money as possible out of your house sale.

Tushar Mathur @ Everything Finance writes 5 Ways To Save Money When Traveling – Traveling is costly, but add in all the extra fees and it can get even more expensive. Here are 5 ways to save money when traveling so you can avoid them.

Luke @ Learn Bonds writes Avoid This Risk Tolerance Mistake – Investors are not always honest with themselves about their risk tolerance. Here is how to avoid that mistake and set your investing on the right path.

Eva Baker @ TeensGotCents writes iPad Air Review – The Best Buy With Mike – Just how thin can Apple make their iPads? Pretty thin with their new iPad Air. Mike takes a closer look at the new iPad products and their improvements.

Brent @ PersonalFinance-Tips writes 3 Savvy Ways Professionals Track Their Finances – In the wake of the dual banking and housing crises of 2008, many professionals found that the outsourcing of financial tracking was not the best road to take for personal financial solvency. However, many professionals simply do not have the time to track their finances 24 hours a day, seven days a week.

SBB @ Simple Budget Blog writes Boo-budgeting: Getting Your Budget Ready for Halloween – Boo! Halloween’s coming up! Advice to make your Halloween budget less scary than those coming to your house to trick or treat.

Crystal @ Budgeting in the Fun Stuff writes Why You Should Hire a Fund Manager For Your Retirement – Have you thought about investing for your retirement? Here is why you should hire a fund manager for your retirement.

Ryan @ Cash Money Life writes Will You Have to Push Back Your Retirement? – Will you have to push back retirement? Traditional retirement has changed recently with inconsistent investment returns and fewer pension plans.

Hank @ Money Q&A writes How Macro Economic Issues Affect Middle Class Americans – In this episode of the Money Q&A podcast, “Your Money: Your Choices”, I interview Frank Trotter, the President of Everbank Direct, and we talk about how macro economic issues affect everyday middle class Americans.

Lindy @ Minting Nickels writes An Easy Way for Stay at Home Moms to Make Some Extra Money – Stay at home moms fill a vital service for their families.

CAPI @ Creating a Passive Income writes If I Had $1000000: Managing and Investing Large Sums of Money – So you get $1000000 (I wish!) What do you do with it? You have to strategize and invest. Read here for tips on managing large sums of money!

JP @ My Family Finances writes 10 Tips for Choosing the Best Home Loan – Not all home loans are created equally, and some mortgages are more beneficial than others. When purchasing or refinancing a house, consider these tips on selecting the home loan that works best for you.

Maria @ The Money Principle writes Should we buy property? – Is investing in property still worth while for the next 5 years?

Jacob @ AllPersonalFinance writes Spend Money on a Removal Company that is worth every Penny – Shifting homes can be quite an ordeal. It is a cumbersome task that requires a lot of supervision but it is impossible to do alone. Imagine packing all the things you own and moving to a new home all by yourself, nightmarish, isn’t it? Perhaps it’s time for a pro?

SFB @ Simple Finance Blog writes Benefits Of Shopping At Farmers Market – It is a sad reality that we live in an era of additives and preservatives in most of our food, in addition to consuming certain foods that are genetically modified.

Ted Jenkin @ Your Smart Money Moves writes Local Library: You Pay for This! – Some of my clients always ask, Cristina, what do you do in your free time? Well, one of the things I do in my free time is read.

SavingMentor @ How To Save Money writes Never Pay To Upgrade Your Computer’s Memory – At some point during the life of a computer, there almost always comes a time when it would benefit the owner to install more memory. If you find your computer is getting sluggish when you have quite a few programs running, then you are probably a good candidate for increased RAM (random access memory).

Bargain Babe @ writes What Should I Do About This College Debt? – What Should I Do About This College Debt? offers tips on saving money every day.

Kyle @ The Penny Hoarder writes Financial Considerations for Anyone Who Wants to Have Children – According to CNN, the average cost to raise a child born in 2012 is $241,080. For the sake of clarity, this number applies primarily to middle-income, American couples, and could be much higher or lower, depending on where you live.

Tushar @ Start Investing Money writes Visualisation analytics and the new portfolio – The concept of data visualisation may seem like the ‘buzz’ trend right now but there is good reason why so many are latching on to this technique, not just in finance but across every industry.

Cat Alford @ Budget Blonde writes The Hubs Wins A Money “Discussion” – I’ve written about marriage and money before, but I’ve never really discussed an incident where the hubs and I disagreed on how money should be handled.

Don @ MoneySmartGuides writes How to Get Out of Debt – Do you want to know how to get out of debt? I was in debt and was able to overcome it. Here is a detailed plan for you to help you overcome your debt.

Mike @ Personal Finance Journey writes 5 Unique Money Saving tips When Dining Out – Simple and unique ways to help you save money when dining out with friends family or on your own.

Don @ Money Reasons writes The Beauty Of Robotics and Technology – In this article is my vision of what robotics and technology could do for us in the not too distant future.

Roger the Amateur Financier @ The Amateur Financier writes Net Worth Update: November 2013 – A net worth update for the start of November 2013, covering where my finances stand, including investments, savings, and debts, including credit card debts.

Harry Campbell @ Your PF Pro writes Why I Sort Of Hired a Wedding Planner – Even though I’m only working four hours a day, I’ve still been spending a lot of my free time planning for our wedding next summer. Since my fiancee is busy with school, I’ve become the ‘unofficial’ wedding planner and let me tell you, it’s a lot of work. We ended up picking a venue that requires you to bring in all your own vendors so there’s even more to do than normal. It’s our responsibility to coordinate everything from tables and chairs to a full kitchen and flooring for

Alice Sibley @ Earning My Two Cents writes Health Over Money – Remembering that money comes after health, despite my worries

Harry Campbell @ The Four Hour Work Day writes When Does Where You Went to College Stop Mattering? – We all know that there’s a high correlation between going to college and making more money, becoming more successful, etc. But is there anything special that’s being taught at these elite universities that isn’t being taught at your average state school? I started thinking about this a lot during college because I had some of the worst professors you could imagine. I’m sure they were doing some brilliant research but they couldn’t teach worth a damn.

Emily @ Evolving Personal Finance writes Talking to People Who Are Different from You about PF – I got into a FB altercation over the use of credit cards, and it forced me to realize that I probably don’t know my friends as well as I thought I did.

MakintheBacon @ MakintheBacon writes She Ain’t Nothin But a Gold Digga and She Admits It – Having other people finance your dreams whether it be through crowdfunding or rich guys

Daniel @ Make Money Make Cents writes Pay your Bills to Save Money? Yes, you can – By implementing these tips you will actually save money while paying your bills and also save yourself quite a bit of time and stress as well.

Oscar @ Money is the Root writes Do You Need Professional Money Help? Some Signs that say Yes – One of the most important things than that you can do for your financial health is realize when you need help and, even more, actually get help if you need it.

Jay @ Daily Fuel Economy Tip writes How to Choose the Right Gas Credit Card – One of the biggest expenses for most working adults is the cost of gas for their cars. With gas at a national average of $3.60 most people are looking for any way possible to save a few bucks when they fill up.

Danielle @ Saving Without a Budget writes Financially Organize your Life in 10 Easy Steps – Even with all of the smart phone financial apps available, there are still millions of people who organize and file their financial paperwork in shoeboxes that they store in the back of the closet.

Matt @ Budget Snob writes Rules to Protect your Passwords from being Hacked – Did you know that almost 75% of Americans have, at one point or another and a life, been the victims of an Internet crime?

Jack @ Money Saving Ethics writes Money Saving Tips for Holiday Travel – The Holidays are once again right around the corner and, if you are considering traveling during this festive time of year, you will find that prices are generally much higher.

Amy @ Money Mishaps writes Airline Fees That Might Actually Be Worth Paying For – While most people are loathe to pay anything extra when traveling by plane, especially considering that it is so darned expensive already, there are actually a few extras that might be worth paying for.

Lenny @ Best Money Saving Blog writes Should you Retire at 65? – In reality, 65 is probably too young an age to retire these days.

Hadley @ Epic Finances writes Five Steps to Help you Understand the Bond Market – One of the hardest things to understand for newcomers to the holy trinity of investing (cash, stocks and bonds) are the basic rules and the relatively intricate nuances that all three hold.

Andrea @ So Over This writes The Cost of Carrying a Baby: 8 Unexpected Expenses of Motherhood – On average, raising a child from birth to age 18 costs about $200,000. If you add college tuition to that number, you can end up paying up more than quarter million dollars to raise a college graduate.

Lily @ Paying Debt Down writes Top Tips for Negotiating your Finances – Getting a great deal on your rent, negotiating with your boss for your salary or purchasing a new car are all negotiations that most people go through at one point or another in their life.

Bob @ Dwindling Debt writes Great Tips for Cutting Expenses in Retirement – The average retired person already knows how to live on a fixed income, especially if they have been retired for a number of years.

Katie @ IRA Basics writes What Happens to Debt When You Die? – Now we do not want to sound morbid but it is a fact of life that none of us are getting any younger and one day we will meet our maker. But what happens if we meet an untimely end while we have still got debts outstanding?

Sam @ The New Business Blog writes Online Marketing Tips for the Entrepreneur – We put together a list of some excellent online marketing tips that every entrepreneur can use to build client lists, attract visitors to their websites and increase profits.

Marissa @ Finance Triggers writes Cheap Places to Travel this Fall – With summer winding to an end, there is no better time to take advantage of cheap travel rates. Hotels, airlines, and other players in the travel industry are feeling the post-Summer slump and are looking for ways to encourage travel. Here are a few venues to explore when looking for some extra savings on your fall travels.

Marissa @ Thirty Six Months writes How Often Do You Google Yourself? – We ALL do it. I know I have Google Alerts set up for my name, my company, and this blog. You should, too.

Buck @ Buck Inspire writes Jump Starting the Juvenile Industry with Jina Park of PLUSH – Ever since Baby Buck was born, I have been hitting as many baby shows as I possibly can. One of my favorites is Jina Park’s PLUSH show.

Monica @ Monica On Money writes How To Negotiate Lower Prices On Anything – Sometimes asking for lower prices is not that easy and can even be a little intimidating. Keep reading to learn how to negotiate lower prices on anything!

Holly @ Club Thrifty writes 6 Unexpected Ways to Save – These days, everyone is looking for a way to cut back on the purchases they make every day. Check out this list of unexpected ways to save:

Barbara Friedberg @ Barbara Friedberg Personal Finance writes What are Index Funds and Asset Classes Investing? – There are too many index funds available and the choices can be mind boggling. I want to help simplify your investments. You only need a couple of mutual funds in your investment portfolio.

Larry @ KrantCents writes Are You an Overachiever or Underperformer? – Are you a overachiever or underperformer? I used to work in a high tech environment where everyone was an overachiever.

Alexa @ Single Moms Income writes How to Make Money From Twitter By Building a Large Following – Twitter is a great social network for you to interact with friends, families, and even celebrities. It can also be a place for you to earn a little extra cash, as long as you have a large following.

Alexa @ Defeat Our Debt writes How to Pay Off Debt & Increase Your Income the Fun Way – In order to speed up your debt repayment you will have to locate extra funds to throw toward it. You can either continue down the path you’re on or earn extra money.

Graham @ Moneystepper writes Best time to invest in the stock market? – Best time to invest in the stock market?

Jason @ The Money Makers writes Olivia Wilde is Having a Baby: What are the first-month expenses? – Olivia Wilde recently announced her pregnancy with fiance Jason Sudeikis. With forty percent of moms saying that having a baby is more expensive than they initially assumed, it is important to look at the overall costs in the first month for plenty of preparation and financial planning.

Sustainable PF @ Sustainable Personal Finance writes The Importance of Saving Early – When my husband and I first married, we were poor and in debt. It was a difficult place to be, and, even as we made inroads and improved our finances, we still felt pinched. As a result, we decided that we could not afford to set aside money for the future.

Adam Kamerer @ Stop Worrying About Money writes The Single Most Important Thing To Do In A Financial Crisis – A financial crisis can strike completely without warning. When a financial emergency happens, here’s the single most important thing you can do get your feet under you.

FI Pilgrim @ FI Journey writes FI 101: Chart Progress To Stay Motivated – In this post I will give you a rundown of how I chart progress towards financial independence, to motivate myself to drive income up and expenses down.

Adam @ The Cheapest Cars To Insure writes What are Insurance Groups? Insurance Groups Explained – There are a few more factors to consider when you’re applying for a car insurance, find out which ones you need to look out for!

Adam @ Money Rebound writes Having a Low Cost Kid’s Party – Money is not everything especially when it comes to arranging fun parties for your kids.

Adam @ Money Bulldog writes 5 Business ideas for kids – Who says you’d have to be accomplished to get started on a business?

Ben @ The Wealth Gospel writes If You Can’t Ditch Your Job, at Least Get Paid More to Do It – Being an employee sucks sometimes. But if you can’t ditch your job, you can at least try to get paid more for doing it.

Mikey Rox @ On Better Terms writes 6 Things that Are Hard to Do With Bad Credit – The impact of having a low credit score is more wide ranging than you might think.

TTMK @ Tie the Money Knot writes Test Driving a Home – Taking a car for a spin is a way that we can be sure we’re making a purchase we’ll be happy with. How about “testing” a home?

Christopher @ This That and The MBA writes Are You Losing Money By Living Abroad – Make sure you research the best exchange rates and also consider using one of the Regular Payments schemes which several currency specialists in the UK offer. These steps will help you make the most of your retirement years with as little financial worry as possible.

Dollar @ Easy Extra Dollar writes The Success of Generating Money Online – Internet is becoming very useful nowadays, and as it is being used commonly, it is giving us more benefits that we can used in everyday living. One of the most advantageous use of internet is that, it is giving so many opportunities where you can find easy ways to make money online.

Robert @ The College Investor writes Easy Data, Hard Money – It is difficult to describe just how much data is generated by modern civilization. So difficult, in fact, that we have resorted to entirely new words to describe large amounts of information – such as the yottabyte, which is 10^24 bytes of information or 1 trillion terabytes.

Steve @ 2010 Tax to 2013 Tax writes Finding Free Tax Tips For Your 2013/2014 Taxes – No one wants to make a mistake when filing his or her taxes to the federal government. Unfortunately, filing on your own can be a bit difficult.

Jon Haver @ Pay My Student Loans writes 3 Student Loan Scams to Watch Out For – There are hundreds if not thousands of scam artists waiting to prey on financially naive students who just want to get to work and get this monkey off their back. Don’t be one of them. Do your due diligence. Watch out for student loan scams.

Matt Becker @ Mom and Dad Money writes Why Net Worth is Misleading – Net worth is an important indicator when it comes to measuring your progress towards both financial security and freedom. But it’s just a single number, and there are many variables to consider alongside it if you’re truly trying to gauge your financial position. Make sure you account for the entire picture when planning your family’s future.

Justin @ Root of Good @ Root of Good writes Developing a Retirement Budget – Justin at Root of Good reveals his $32,000 per year retirement budget for a family of five. He explains the process of developing a budget for retirement that is based on your actual spending and what you actually plan to do in retirement (instead of a crazy “80% of pre-retirement income” rule).

John @ Frugal Rules writes Jumping Off a Cliff: Investing in the Twitter IPO – The Twitter IPO is all the talk in the stock market lately. Many people want the opportunity to invest in it. However, when you’re trying to build wealth and grow a retirement portfolio, listening to the herd is not always the best course of action as it could have negative impacts on your growing of wealth.

Lazy Man @ Lazy Man and Money writes I’m Sick Over My Most Recent $399 Purchase – About an hour ago I bought a Google Nexus 5, the 32GB one in black. It was $399… for a phone. I’ve showered and I still dirty and sick about it… but I am pretty sure I’d do it again.

Dividend Growth Investor @ Dividend Growth Investor writes Dividend Growth Investing Works for Everyone Willing to Put the Time Into It – I believe that dividend investing is a perfectly democratic way to earn passive income. In order to be successful, it does not matter what your age, gender, or nationality truly is. You do not have to play office politics, or focus on things that do not interest you. You do need to put in some work into it however, in order to learn how to screen for stocks, analyze companies, and build diversified portfolios over time.

Pauline @ Make Money Your Way writes Side hustle series: Guitar Teaching – Lyle of The Joy of Simple shares on how he made money in guitar teaching.

Pauline @ Reach Financial Independence writes Til “Debt” Do Us Part: Are You Financially Ready to Get Married? – David Moran of Finance for Your Future helps you to determine if you are financially ready to get married.

Miss T. @ Prairie Eco Thrifter writes How Mastering Public Speaking Can Help You Develop Other Skills – I started Toastmasters a few months ago to deal with this fear, and ever since my first meeting, I have been noticing all of the ways that mastering public speaking can help you. It’s not just the ability to publicly give a speech without freaking out (I think everybody, regardless of how rehearsed they are, gets nervous before a speech). You can also benefit from public speaking in many other ways.

Little House @ Little House in the Valley writes Benefit of Renting: Lower Employment Rates – According to a study (there have been a few studies over the years linking these two ideas), countries with lower home ownership have lower unemployment.

Jon @ Novel Investor writes Retirement Planning Guide – Whether you are starting early or playing catch-up, retirement planning is the best way to protect your financial future.

Lee Veldkamp @ The Value Geek writes Mint & My Budget – How Mint Has Helped Me Organize My Budget

J Rodriguez @ Modest Money writes Prosper Review – Detailed Prosper Lending Review – Peer to peer lending matches borrowers to lenders who willing to lend a hand for a fee ofcourse. It is a concept that has matured fast and gained mass adoption. Prosper is one such platform that facilitates the lending.

Mr.CBB @ Canadian Budget Binder writes Bust our budget October 2013-Romance and Money – Just when you think you have everything under control life throws you lemons. You know that you can’t spend more than you earn but inside your head you say it’s ok to spend a bit more because you are worth it.

Harry Campbell @ Your PF Pro writes A Tribute to the Greatest Chipotle Article of All Time – When I first started this site almost two years ago it was with the intention to discuss topics like saving for retirement and investment strategies. But I quickly realized that those articles were pretty boring to read and to write. That’s why you see articles today ranging from travel hacking to saving money at Chipotle. The latter has actually become one of the most popular articles on my site and today it has over 5,000 total views.

Harry Campbell @ The Four Hour Work Day writes Why I Picked my Day Job Over the Four Hour Work Day – I started this site because I know that one day I want to work for myself and I think four hours a day is the ideal work day for maximum efficiency and happiness. I will never understand people that kill themselves at their day job: working long hours, weekends and overtime solely for the money. And that is why they’re doing it, what other reason could there be? I would rather work less, spend less and live more as this site’s tagline would suggest. The world that we live in has so much to o

KK @ Student Debt Survivor writes The Size of Your Package Matters – Benefits are an important part of your whole compensation package. Let’s talk about benefits and the size of your package!

Ward Carson CFP @ The Happy writes What is a 401k retirement plan? Part 1 – Life in the ancient world was tough – no penicillin, clean water was hard to come by, no Kardashians’, no Twitter and no Facebook. However, our ancestors did have organized retirement plans

The Warrior @ Net Worth Warrior writes Ultimate Guide to (Finally) Building an Emergency Fund – An emergency fund can help keep you on a path to financial freedom by reducing stress, eliminating the worry of affording an emergency and providing security that you can maintain progress. Through this guide, you will (finally) establish a painless emergency fund.

Jefferson @ See Debt Run writes Sitting Through a Timeshare Presentation to Score Big Discounts – If you know that you have zero interest going in, is it unethical to sit through a timeshare presentation just to get the big discounts?

Anton Ivanov @ Dreams Cash True writes The 7 Steps to Financial Freedom – Reaching financial freedom is one of the most sought-after goals. Get started on your wealth-building journey with my 7 steps to financial freedom.

Michelle @ Diversified Finances writes Is Freelancing Not For You? – On Diversified Finances, the primary topics consist of freelancing, self-employment and other related topics. However, what if freelancing and being your own boss is not for you?

Alexis @ FITnancials writes Moving Into Our First Apartment – We plan on moving into our own place around the month of February 2014, also so we can get a feel of what it is like living with each other before we move to a whole new city together.

Sam @ Grad Money Matters writes What To Know Before Renting A Room In Your Home – A way to add some extra income each month to your life might be to rent out a room in your home. If you have extra space, then why not? So many people buy homes way too large for what they actually need, and have too many extra rooms. Some people even have rooms that just sit completely empty.

Jessica Moorhouse @ Mo’ Money Mo’ Houses writes 5 Must-Dos to Interview Like a Pro – Over the past month I’ve had time to reflect on my experiences in the workforce for the past 5 years and I’ve discovered a bunch of new (or new to me) dos and don’ts when it comes to interviewing like a pro.


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