Niche Site at Night Bonus Video – Another Keyword Research Trick I Use

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finding a niche - keyword researchI’m still in the beginning stages of my Niche Site at Night public case study project. As I continue with my keyword research and niche selection process – I wanted to quickly share one more trick that I use to find profitable Amazon keywords. In my previous post and video, I shared how I use the Azon Top 100 Analyzer to find good seed keywords to punch into Long Tail Pro and begin my keyword research process. As stated in that post – that is only one of many strategies that you too could use to start your own search for the right keywords. Today I’m going to share another strategy and kind of a little keyword research trick that I use.

This video is a little bit shorter – as I don’t go into real specific details on what I look for in Long Tail Pro. I went over most of that in the first video – so definitely go back and watch that one if you haven’t already.

Note: I do all of my keyword research with Long Tail Pro (Platinum version) – and this is the only tool I suggest using for keyword research. There are other tools and even free ways to do keyword research – but I will not be discussing them. Long Tail Pro is the industry standard for keyword research and is by far much better and faster than any other tool.

Niche Site at Night Video

Another Keyword Trick

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Final Thoughts

I really don’t have much to say about this video. It’s pretty self-explanatory. I just wanted to quickly record this video and show you another great strategy for coming up with tons of seed keywords that will help you find a profitable Amazon niche. I hope you got some value from this video.

My next post in this series will probably highlight my final niche selection and what I do with my list of keywords. Until then – happy keyword hunting!

11 thoughts on “Niche Site at Night Bonus Video – Another Keyword Research Trick I Use”

  1. Hi Matt. Just wanted to let you know that it’s good stuff that you’re sharing here and can’t wait to see that experiment case study to take off. I’ve been following you for quite some time now.

    Are you going to build a new site from scratch for this niche or do you plan to bypass the Google sandbox somehow by buying expired domain or some other method?

    • The answer to your question Tom is yes. 😉 I am definitely building a new site from scratch and I am currently looking at the possibility of buying an expired domain to build it on to see if I can bypass this recent sandbox phenomenon. I’ve never built a money site on an expired domain – but I have plenty of experience building PBN sites on them – so it could be interesting.

  2. Cool Video Matt, I was wondering if you shoot for a certain price range when choosing Amazon products? I myself try to limit myself to niches that cost say $100 or so each, as the Amazon profit from selling $20-30 items takes forever to make a decent monthly income. I think laser focusing on products that sell from $500+ is also a good approach.

    • My biggest Amazon commissions come from selling products in the $100-150 price range but I also link to a number of low price items ($10-25) because Amazon’s commission rate depends on how many items you’ve helped them sell that month. So referring to these low cost items guarantees that instead of the base 4.00% commission rate I earn 6%, 6.5% or 7% from each product I refer to.

    • Hey Derek – $20 is my absolute minimum (for the most part) – but yeah, I do look for niches with higher priced products. Competition levels and number of products available in the niche play a large role in my decision as well.

      One approach I’m using, build a site that sells cheaper products more often to get to the 7% or 7.5% commission threshold each and every month. Keep that site and who cares how much it makes, then the rest of my sites with higher priced products automatically get the higher commission rates each month, even if they don’t sell enough on their own to earn that rate.

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