Getting Started with Amazon Niche Sites – How to Find Profitable Niches and Limitless Keywords

Amazon niche sites. Amazon Niche Sites - Profitable Niches - KeywordsEverybody wants to build them. Everybody wants to have them. Why in the world are Amazon niche sites so popular? You hardly hear anybody ever talk about building Adsense niche sites anymore. Heck – when I started building niche sites, Adsense sites were THE thing. Very few people were talking about building Amazon sites. But now it’s the other way around. And it’s been that way for most of the last 2 years.

I think part of the reason for the popularity of Amazon niche sites is due to the plethora of successful case studies that people have shared throughout the community of internet marketing bloggers. People are more protective with their Adsense sites and less likely to share for fear of getting their Adsense account shut down by Google. But it’s totally acceptable, and even advantageous, to share a site with your Amazon links plastered all over it. It’s a good way to get more backlinks and even possibly generate more commissions. For example…

If I were to share one of my Amazon sites here on this blog – I would get that backlink. My readers here would see it and might link to it from their own blogs to point out as an example. And they might even end up on Amazon through one of my affiliate links on that site and if they were to buy something (anything), I would get a commission. But this isn’t what this blog post is about…

The point is – Amazon sites have been popular partly because people are more willing and more likely to share them. But that’s not all.

Amazon Sites are The Easiest Way to Get Started

Dom Wells recently wrote a really in-depth post on his blog, Human Proof Designs, about why you should start with Amazon sites. He covers all the pros and cons in detail. I think Dom said it best when he stated…

I think the main reason that most people start with Amazon sites, is because they're the easiest way to get started. And that's really all that matters. ~Dom WellsClick To Tweet

Amazon sites are really straight-forward. You pick a product (or a group of products) and you build an entire site that highlights, promotes and sells those specific products. And since you can buy just about anything imaginable on Amazon right now, the possibilities for niches that you could build a site around are almost never-ending.

Finding Profitable Amazon Niches

First off – I’m going to be totally honest with you. My motivation for writing this post stems from a product launch that happens to be going live the same day that this post is going live. You may have heard of the AmaSuite bundle of software programs. I’ve been using AmaSuite for well over a year and it’s made a huge difference in how I approach the research phase for building Amazon niche sites. Well – that was version 3 that I was using previously and now version 4 is out.

AmaSuite version 5 has been released and it's bigger and badder and better than ever!Click To Tweet

Don’t worry. I’m not just here to sell, sell, sell. I’m going to show you exactly how to use these tools to find awesome Amazon niches and tons and tons of keywords.

“How to Find Profitable Keywords…” post

Over a year ago – not long after I purchased AmaSuite myself – I wrote an in-depth post about how to find profitable niches and keywords for Amazon affiliate sites. In that post, I kind of explained the manual way (go to – look at Best Sellers…) and then I showed how easy it is to do this type of research with the AmaSuite tools. Tons of people bought AmaSuite through my affiliate links on that post as a result. I tell you this just to highlight the fact that there is some really good and valuable information within that post. Again, here is the link if you want to check it out

I’m not going to rewrite all of that information here. But I will highlight some of the bullet points from that post

  • Amasuite 4 - Affiliate or Sellers - with borderUsing data provided to find seed keywords
  • Using lists generated by Amazon to find keywords
  • Using Amazon’s auto-fill feature to find keywords
  • Using AmaSuite in conjunction with Long Tail Pro (very powerful strategy that I haven’t seen anybody else talk about)

Even now, well over a year after I wrote that post – it continues to get good traffic and is still one of the most popular posts on this blog.

Brand New Video – New Niche Revealed

While preparing to write this post, I was playing around with my AmaSuite software last week. It had been awhile since I’ve looked for a brand new niche for an Amazon site. I ended up finding a great niche and tons of low competition keywords to go with it. It took me less than 30 minutes to find the niche and come up with a whole set of keywords that would be great to start a site with. I recapped that research and showed exactly how I conducted it in this quick 10 minute video…

Note: This video was created using older software versions of AmaSuite and Long Tail Pro. Today (2017 and beyond) there are newer and better versions of each tool available. The information provided in the video is essentially the same and can be applied with the newer versions of AmaSuite and Long Tail Pro.

Or CLICK HERE to watch the video directly on YouTube.

Tools Used in the Video:

AmaSuite - Exclusive Discount

Get Long Tail Pro

New and Old Keyword Strategy Explained

Most niche site builders tend to look for a main keyword to build a site around. Something that has at least 1,000 monthly searches. Sometimes you can find a couple of highly related main keywords that have higher search volumes and build a site around both of them. I too used this strategy for the longest time. But I don’t think it is totally relevant anymore.

There’s really no reason to try to rank a site for one keyword. Most of your search traffic will come from long tail keywords anyway – so why not just target those to start out with. Forget about having one main keyword. Just pick a topic and find lots and lots of related keywords that have lower search volumes and that will be much easier to rank for. Produce articles targeting those keywords and then sit back and watch the organic traffic flow to your site.

I’ve been using this strategy lately and it is working wonderfully. Even on my older niche sites where I originally targeted one main keyword. I did deeper keyword research and now produce lots of articles based on lower search volume keywords. I’m talking search volumes below 200 per month and sometimes I’ll even write articles for keywords with less than 100 searches!

[Bonus] FREE Guide on Producing Content for Amazon Niche Sites

The main purpose of this post is to show you how I find profitable niches and keywords for Amazon niche sites. Specifically, how I use a few of my favorite tools to make this task really fast and easy. I think I’ve provided you with enough information in this post, especially if you’ve taken the time to watch the video and/or look at my previous post.

I created an 1,800-word guide on exactly how to produce content specifically for Amazon niche sites. Just click the button below and enter your email address and I will automatically send you that downloadable and printable PDF.

Included in the FREE Guide – very detailed information on the following bullet points

  • Keywords and KC Scores from Long Tail Pro
    • Understanding the KC Score
  • How to Use Keywords for Website SEO
    • Where to Use Keywords for Proper On-page SEO
    • Content Creation for Your Keywords
  • Inserting Amazon Affiliate Links
  • Finding Amazon Products to Promote
  • More Recommendations for Your Site

FREE Guide – Producing Content for Amazon Niche Sites

Any questions? I’ll be happy to try to answer in the comments section below.

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Matthew Allen
Matthew Allen
Matthew Allen is a full-time trucker, part-time blogger, and imaginary entrepreneur. He's probably not the only trucker who calls himself a dumbass. But, he is the only known trucker who is blogging about passive income."Might be crazy, but I ain't dumb!" ~ Crazy Cooter (also Matt's CB handle) 
Matthew Allen
Matthew Allen
Matthew Allen is a full-time trucker, part-time blogger, and imaginary entrepreneur. He's probably not the only trucker who calls himself a dumbass. But, he is the only known trucker who is blogging about passive income."Might be crazy, but I ain't dumb!" ~ Crazy Cooter (also Matt's CB handle) 

34 thoughts on “Getting Started with Amazon Niche Sites – How to Find Profitable Niches and Limitless Keywords”

  1. Definitely going to check out Amasuite. Will remember your link if I make a purchase. Given that I sell Amazon sites, I’m thinking this is a no-brainer for me.

  2. Absolutely a no-brainer for you Dom. I used these tools extensively when I was selling keywords! Huge help and time saver. Not to mention the extra value I was able to deliver to customers by providing data that I easily derived from these tools.

    Thanks in advance! I know you’re going to pick up AmaSuite. Make sure to do it in the next 7 days while the launch discount pricing is still good.

  3. Matt, great post as usual. Very useful tips for finding content ideas for Amazon sites. I am really needing to improve my simple amazon site process so this is a great help. Thanks

  4. Yeah Jon – you could easily figure out some processes with these tools that can be systemetized and outsourced to improve your Amazon sites. Let me know if you have any specific questions…

  5. Hi Matthew,
    Great post, wish I could buy through your affliate link but I am already a long time subscriber for Amasuite 🙁
    I have two questions and would really appreciate if you can answer them
    1. How do you structure your homepage then ? Use a long article that target a keyword which has the most searches ? Is it a static page ?
    2. Do you use silos ? Use only pages on your site or do you just use posts for product reviews ?


  6. I use Posts (not Pages) for all of my content. I set the visibility for my homepage article as Sticky. Previously that article was always based around one main keyword with a lot of searches – but now it just needs to be highly informational and about the general topic of the site. I shoot for 1500 words minimum for the main homepage post. Might be keyword based or might not. Doesn’t matter, cause most traffic is going to come from long tails anyway.

    I don’t mess around with silos. I just categorize and tag everything meticulously and use a related posts plugin to link internally.

  7. Hi Mathew,

    So AmaSuite is one of the tools you’ve used for your keyword service? I’ve always wondered how one starts a keyword service like yours. Others have been doing it as well.

    Is it just a matter of packaging multiple keywords on a particular niche and then selling them; or do you receive requests from clients first, before creating a keyword package?

    Speaking of which, did you stop your keyword package services? I don’t see it anywhere on your site.

    Keep inspiring,

  8. Yeah Warren – I knew about only one person who was selling keyword packages before I was – and since I started I saw several others get into the game. Some even looked eerily similar to the way that I was selling – which I took as a compliment.

    When I started, I was taking requests. But then that got to be too time sensitive. People would pay up front and then I would feel obligated to get them results as quickly as possible and that wasn’t always easy since I only do this very part time. I switched to only selling completed packages.

    I would find a few main keywords, then usually several hundred supporting (long tail) keywords and provide them in a spreadsheet and include KC Scores. And yes, AmaSuite made it much easier to find Amazon niches and provide data on products related to Amazon niches. I would include a list of the top selling products on Amazon…

    Yes – I stopped selling packages. Money was great and I sold every single package I put up for sale (usually for $97 to $147) – but I was spending way too much time on something that wasn’t producing residual income. Trading time for dollars is not my goal here – so I shifted my focus back to growing my niche sites and building my audience on this blog.

  9. Wondering if you feel that the Ultimate Azon theme would be a good fit for my site. Believe it or not I have made about 300$ over the past few months but I really feel that I need a change and I KNOW I could be doing a lot better job. PLEASE give me your honest opinion on how to do things well but keep things simple at the same time.

    Thanks so much.


  10. The Ultimate Azon theme would be a good fit for ANY review site – Amazon or not. Might want to get “2014” off of your header. Makes it look like an outdated site right off the bat. But yeah, just publish lots of helpful content and I think a comparison chart would go a long way. Charts are super easy to create with the Ultimate Azon theme (link to buy it on my resources page).

    It’s a little tricky to convert an existing site to that theme – but not bad if you follow the step-by-step instructions that are included.

    Good luck!

  11. Oh cool. Thanks for going through my link Dom! You got kind of lucky. They extended (unannounced) the sale price through today so you were still able to pick it up at a discount.

    You wouldn’t have almost forgotten if you were on my email list 😉 haha. Just sayin…

    Yeah – hit me up anytime if you have a question.

  12. Hey Matt,

    First time reader of your blog. Cool site, man!

    I’ve never heard of Amasuite before so thanks for sharing! I’ll definitely use the link if I decide to add it to my niche site process.

    Do you use KC as “the number” that gives you the green light for building a page/post on your site? I noticed that most of the KWs in your video had low KC scores, but the SERPs were dominated by e-commerce sites. While the score is low, it doesn’t appear like Google favors a content heavy site at the top.

    Ie, “glass bird cage”.

    Just curious to hear your thoughts on that.



  13. Hey Rob – good observation. I see you were paying attention in the video! And you are correct – I do tend to avoid keywords were ecommerce sites dominate the top 10. This was just a quick example that I put together (I’m not going to give away the best niches that I find!) to show how I use AmaSuite.
    Another way to look at it though… maybe it’s a niche that actually hasn’t been found yet! Maybe nobody has tried to build a niche site in this niche. If the KC scores are REALLY low and the top 10 is dominated by ecommerce sites – I might give it a shot. But I have a slightly different strategy than typical niche site builders.

    I tend to target the REALLY low competition keywords that get less searches per month. I try to rank for a bunch of those, rather than one keyword with higher searches per month. So for this example, if I built a bird cage site – I might have articles about the main keywords with higher searches – but I wouldn’t put a lot of effort into ranking for them. Instead, I would publish way more articles based on many keywords with really low KC scores (less than 20) regardless of their low searches per month. These are usually really easy to rank for with little or no backlinking.

    I can’t believe you’ve never heard of AmaSuite before! There was a huge marketing push to promote it just 2 months ago for the release of Version 4. And thanks for offering to use my link if you do buy. You will get an exclusive discount if you use my link! But yeah, AmaSuite has been a pretty big game changer for me in my Amazon niche site process. Not only does it help me find new niches – it helps me find the best products to promote for my current sites.

    I use a pretty sweet strategy right now where I find one of those really low competition keywords, with fewer monthly searches – then use the Azon Product Inspector tool (included in AmaSuite) to find specific products that match that keyword. Have a post written and highlight a few of those top products that match that keyword. Pretty self-explanatory – but I’m planning a specific blog post later this month that highlights this exact strategy and how I’ve been using it… Good Day!

  14. Thanks for the detailed reply! Smart man not to show the best keywords, haha.

    I like your strategy of targetting a lot lower competition KWs on a site, rather than just one main one. I think too many people get focused on just one KW, when the real success of a site hinges on a long list of long tails.

    I have been incorporating a similar strategy to you, except I’m still going after that main keyword (sort of like a bonus if it starts to rank). I like having those main pages because they naturally link down the chain to the long tail KWs (I’m still a big silo fan :).

    Ie, best protein powder for women

    links down to best whey protein for women

    Yeah, I can’t believe I’ve never heard of Amasuite either! I made a conscious effort to “put my head down” for a few months and grind out some sites. But, now I’m giving myself one day a week for learning (exploring blogs, reading, etc.).

    Keep up the great content!



  15. I wish I could make a similar conscious decision! Staying focused is my #1 challenge. Luckily, I can grow my sites these days with very little effort from me. I just do the keyword research and product research and my writer and VA can take care of the rest.

    I know what you mean about still focusing on main keywords. It’s really hard to get out of that mindset. Most of my sites still have homepages focused on the main keyword – but most of the traffic still comes in from longtails.

    I’m starting a brand new site right now where I’ve found a killer list of low competition keywords and I’m going to try a different approach for the homepage. Maybe make it look more like a landing page with site navigation options. Traffic will still come in from longtails to specific articles – then if they click to homepage it will just be a useful page that will help them navigate the site better.

  16. Hello Matthew,

    How’s going everything? I always read your blog and I’m one of your big fan 🙂
    Well, I’m facing problem with keywords research, I just watched your video on this article. But still now facing problem to find out the best low competition keywords with good search engine traffic . If you don’t mind would you please like to share a live project? I mean, where you will do the keywords research A-Z, Basic to advice guidelines.

    Primary Keywords, Secondary keywords, Long Tail keywords, Long long tail keywords. I hope, you get my points



  17. You’re asking for kind of a lot Tonmoy… And your suggestion has sparked an idea for me. Perhaps I should create a guide like you describe. It would take me quite a long time to create that guide though. And maybe I will. I need to do some more tutorials and videos anyway using the new version of Long Tail Pro. I don’t know exactly when or if I will get to it – but I will try to fulfill your request as soon as I can. Keep watching the blog…

  18. Hello Matthew,
    I always Seen your page on google 1 st page but literally know how to make very caching niche if we only know little bit english? I Have no much money to invest here there for good rank simply i use seo in wordpress and post it but slowly its growing expanding…. any tips u want to share with me

  19. Nice post on the Topic!
    I started my first Niche Site Ease Bedding around nine months ago and it is really doing good and this month it made for me over $500, which is really impressive.

    So I can say that Amazon Sites are easy to start and make money online with them, yes you need some basic knowledge and hard work as well.

  20. Nice read. Surely a quality read for me . I have been reading alot lately cause I am working on an amazon site of my own. Got myself couple of articles. This will totally help me to make my sites even better.
    Thanks alot man

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