5 thoughts on “Bookmarking Sites and Social Networks – Getting Links for Niche Sites”

  1. Matt, you always have a timely post that coincides with something I’m interested in exploring further. I might just look into this further. What does the paid version cost? Currently I have two VA’s on oDesk doing social media submissions for me.

    In general when it comes to social media links, I think they are good for your overall link profile even if they are nofollow. People often forget that you want a healthy mixture and not all dofollow links. Plus having a VA work on them little by little each week is basically harmless. Meanwhile I can concentrate on the bigger link juice moves like guest posts, networking, etc.

  2. There are a few different pricing plans, all dependent on how many credits you want to purchase each month. I’m currently using the cheapest one.

    You are right about these types of links being good for your overall link profile. And having a VA work on them is certainly harmless – but having them done automatically with SocialADR is just as harmless and this way you have a little more control over what exactly is done.

  3. I’m looking for build some good quality backlinks for my blog. That’s why I do directory submission. But I’ve heard that, directory submission is not good for SEO. Now I’m finding some high PR social bookmarking sites list. Finally I will get it from this post. thanks you very very much.

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