10 Must-Read Business Books to Level Up Your Business Acumen

Some of the world’s most successful people – from Charlie Munger to Elon Musk are habitual learners and voracious readers. Learning new things doesn’t just help us grow in our professional capacity. It also facilitates the growth of our business persona. If you’re already running a business or are looking to start one, these carefully …

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5 Must-Read Entrepreneur Books for Business Success

Entrepreneur Books

Are you an entrepreneur (or an aspiring entrepreneur), and do you want to figure out how to break loose and achieve massive success? You’re in the right place because we have some phenomenal recommendations for you in the ‘entrepreneur books’ category. In a hurry? Here are 2 of the very best entrepreneur books… Why Entrepreneur …

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How to Create Passive Income by Flipping Domain Names

Flipping Domain Names

Domain flipping is a brilliant way of harnessing the internet to generate passive income for yourself, your family, or your future. From the outside, flipping domain names looks like it is simple, but there is a method to follow to be successful, as well as one very dangerous hazard that you’ll definitely want to avoid! …

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The Road to Passive Income for Truck Drivers

Truck Driver with CB Radio

The trucking industry as a whole is one of the largest industries in America. It employs over 3 million people as truck drivers, and the industry generates more than $700 billion dollars in revenue annually. This article is not about truck driving as a career or how owners of trucking companies can earn passive income. …

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12 Life Insurance Statistics You Really Need to Know


It’s interchangeable. Life Insurance or Love Insurance. It’s an act of love to protect your loved ones. Are you the breadwinner in your household? If you bring home the bacon for your loved ones, it’s important to remember that there should never be a time when they run out of bacon. That’s where life insurance …

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12 Retirement Statistics that Every Pre-Retiree Should Know

Retirement is not passive income. It’s more like a milestone, a point in a timeline. A pinned point in a workers’ life map where the harvest of passive income begins according to the seeds of labor one has planted. In other words, retirement itself is not defined as passive income. But, having passive income to …

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31 of the Best Passive Income Books for Timeless Inspiration

passive income books

In a world where book-reading seems to be increasingly pushed to the side with video and audio content rising in popularity… I’m here to tell you that book-reading is still alive and well! I would even argue that there is no better place to find organized information on financial freedom and passive income than in …

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