2020 – What An Amazing Year It Has Been

2020 - Amazing Year

In a world where violence, mayhem, political unrest, racial tension, medical unknowns, and economic chaos seem to ensue – I prefer to look at the brighter side of the sky. “2020 has been the worst year ever…” seems to be the general consensus. I see and hear it everywhere. It’s all over social media. I …

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Just another weekend update from Matthew Allen

windshield view from inside the carwash

In a world where panic and fear have replaced common sense and rational reasoning… I’m here to tell you that everything is going to be alright. I’m referring to the craziness of the 2020 worldwide coronavirus pandemic. 99.9% of us are surviving the coronavirus scare and we still haven’t had to turn to cannibalism for …

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How to Survive the Coronavirus Apocalypse of 2020

survive coronavirus apocalypse

In a world where death is inevitable… yet most peoples main purpose on this earth is to prolong their lives for as long as possible. Deadly disease and destruction, brought on by coronavirus, is currently threatening to wipe humanity off the face of the earth… I’m here to shed a glimmer of hope to those …

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Writing a Blog About Myself

Writing a Blog About Myself

In a world where podcasts and YouTube channels seem to be dominating the world of self-published content on the interwebs… I’m here to tell you that I will be sticking to the blog format using written words. I am essentially, writing a blog about myself. You won’t hear me on a podcast anytime soon. I …

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The Best (Unsolicited) Advice I Have Ever Received

83 percent of consumers say they look at billboards

In a world where unsolicited advice is welcome and even tolerated… I received THE most amazing email via the contact form on this blog awhile back. I was actually going to publish it as a separate post and then write my comments or even reply to the guy publicly. I saved it as a draft …

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Ready for 2020? Let’s Make Some Serious Money!

Matt & Susie - Creston Brewery Taproom

In a world where everybody else makes New Year’s resolutions – I just don’t. I find it rather annoying that I have to read or hear about everybody else’s goals on their blogs during this particular time of year. So… if you were hoping to see my goal’s or resolutions for 2020 in this post …

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Introducing My New ‘Dumb Ass’ Branding

In a world where everybody thinks they have to be politically correct… Where thoughts and ideas and opinions are suppressed for fear that somebody, somewhere, might get offended… It’s time for me to unveil something that I thought of a LONG time ago – but I never revealed it or did anything with it. Admittedly, …

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The Best Damn Amazon Affiliate WordPress Plugin that Ever Existed

The Best Damn Amazon Affiliate Wordpress Plugin

Hello. My name is Matt. And this is my story about why and how I decided to create and build the best damn Amazon affiliate WordPress plugin that ever existed.

But first things first – I can only take half of the credit. I actually teamed up with a world-class WordPress developer on this project. Partly because I’m not a developer (coder) at all and mostly because I didn’t have tens of thousands of dollars to pay a developer to build this plugin for me. So I partnered up with a bad-ass coder who prefers to remain anonymous. He calls himself Alchemy Coder. We call him AC, for short.

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Renting Out Your Garage for Monthly Passive Income

renting out your garage

Have you ever considered using that wasted garage space that you have as a source of income? Perhaps you weren’t even aware that renting out your garage is a viable option and really isn’t that difficult with today’s modern technology! I mean… there are dumber ways to create passive income. Believe me – I know. …

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#FUGDPR – I’m Blocking EU Visitors (It’s Just Easier)

Convert GDPR

Disclaimer: Nothing on this page should be considered legal advice. This is just one dumb guy’s best attempt at understanding the complexity of the new GDPR rules and why he is blocking EU visitors to try to comply (or not).

I’ve already wasted FAR too much of my precious time trying to understand this ridiculousness. I’m kind of pissed and I want to know where I can send the bill to reimburse me for this wasted time. Since the European Union (EU) is threatening to fine websites that don’t comply – do you think I should send the bill to them?

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Airbnb Passive Income (An Unconventional Method)

airbnb passive income

All too often, we come across content in the passive income sphere (more like a blob but that’s another matter) that is either all filler, or the classic regurgitated 5-minute-fix that you’ve heard too many times for your liking. This story about Airbnb passive income is by no means an article intended to bash proven methods – on the contrary, the composition of this post was undertaken to utilize what has worked in the past, but with a twist for those who either are not comfortable with the current models, or who are finding difficulty getting past the sometimes insurmountable barriers to entry that come along with them. Usually it goes something like this…

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#FUGDPR – No Updates to my Privacy Policy

Below is an exact copy & paste of the email that I sent out to all of my subscribers today…


Just writing to let you know that I have NOT updated my Privacy Policy.

I think it’s really great that the entire world is bending over to comply with one new European law. What makes it even better – that the millions of small-time bloggers or website owners (myself included) are expected to try to make sense of the complexities of this new law and make our sites compliant – regardless of whether or not we live in the EU. This is just thrilling and fantastic! I love it!!

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