The State of My First Two Niche Sites


In my little world of internet entrepreneurship, a lot is happening. Considering the time that I have to spend on this side hustle, I am starting to get some things accomplished. My most recent schedule change at my day job leaves me with just under 2 hours each day to do whatever I need to do on my computer. I get up at 5:30am every day and have until about 7:15 to work on my computer. In this time I conduct several forms of research, including: keyword research (the dumb way), online income and how to build niche sites research (mostly by reading other blogs), learning how to use WordPress research (playing with new themes and plug-ins) and whatever else I happen to stumble across. When I am not doing that stuff, I am trying to actually get some work done on my sites and this blog. If you haven’t figured it out by now, I try to get at least one post up on this blog per week. Since I am not really trying to make money with this site right now, I find it more important to work on my other sites.

The State of My First Niche Site

As chronicled in my glimpse of success post, my first attempt at a niche site is still doing well. Now that I see the light, I fully understand some of the stupid things I did with that site. It’s actually quite shocking that I made it to #1 in Google so quickly and so easily. With that being said, #1 for that particular keyword doesn’t really amount to much. The site remains at #1 and consistently gets 100 to 200 page views per day. Number of visitors per day in the last 2 weeks has ranged from 29 to 78.

Those numbers may not look impressive, but here is why they impress me. The first dumb thing I did in the initial keyword research was that I was looking at Broad match results rather than Exact. I thought my keyword was good for 2,900 searches per month, when in reality the exact match search results were more like 880. The average CPC is only $0.67. Most seasoned niche site pro’s would not even consider this keyword, which might be why I was able to take it to #1 so easily. Given these numbers, I think my traffic is doing quite well. I also continue to get ad clicks regularly from this site and still expect that it will be a $10-$15 per month site.

The State of My Second Niche Site

With my glimpse of success behind me with the first niche site, I think my head got a little big. I got a little bit better at keyword research, but probably still don’t know everything I need to know about first page evaluation. I decided to build my second niche site in the same market (or niche) as the first one, but targeting a different keyword. The first niche site was an exact match domain for my primary keyword. For my second niche site, the exact match was not available, so I bought a .net domain with the exact keyword in it and a suffix at the end.

I spent a few days last week, and as much time as I could on the weekend getting the site set up and writing the initial articles. I did everything manually, including: buying the domain on GoDaddy, changing the name servers to point to my hosting account at HostGator, loading WordPress onto the domain from within HostGator, manually loading all of my essential plug-ins and writing all of the content. I did all of that and wrote the first 5 articles.

So far, it is not even on the radar as far as ranking in Google. As it turns out, this one isn’t going to be as easy as the first one. This particular keyword is kind of the main monster for the micro niche market that I am targeting. It gets 33,100 exact match searches per month with a CPC of $1.23. Yeah, I probably bit off a little more than I can chew at this point. I may have to actually learn and experiment with a little bit of manual link building. For now though, I think I am going to let the site sit while I work on some other things. Who knows what will happen with it, as my on-page SEO is killer (I believe) for my targeted primary keyword.

On The Horizon

I’ve got some big plans and ideas in the works. I just bought 6 more domains yesterday and have a good idea brewing in my head about how I can possibly do a Niche Site the Dumb Way Follow-Along. I think that could be really valuable for this blog and for some readers who are new to the niche site scene like I am. I hope to have figured out exactly how I am going to do this very soon. Stay tuned!

Until then, remember that there are several dumb ways to create passive income online, but only one site that is blogging about it! Dumb Passive Income… dot com.

If you are a newbie like me, I would love to hear how your niche sites or other passive income ventures are going. If you are a veteran or have experience in the niche site game, I am always open to criticism and advice.