12 thoughts on “Passive Income Ideas and Answers – Ask Matt – June 2016”

  1. Hey Matthew,

    Thanks for mentioning my article. Really appreciate that. 🙂

    I must say you are spot on with your advices. The majority of so called SEO gurus are there to misguide a newbie but I find you to be one of the few who actually wants his readers to do good.

    Keep up the good work buddy!! 🙂

    • Thanks Sarvesh. Obviously, based on the quality of your article that I linked to, I can say the same thing about you! You provided some really great information and tips and you went above and beyond in your explanations of exactly how to perform each task.

  2. I like this new Q & A section. Now if there were only something easier to learn than Word Press. 🙂

    • WordPress is only as difficult as you want it to be, in my opinion. I started out on Blogger myself – back in 2011. It was easy enough to figure out how to post content – but trying to customize my sites was a nightmare. Customizing on WordPress is much easier because there are SO many plugins and tutorials available.

      Did you know that nearly 20% of ALL websites worldwide are currently running on WordPress? If you just pick a theme and try to keep it simple and not make too many customizations – WordPress is really quite easy to use.

  3. Hi Matt, regarding the affiliate account with Amazon getting shut down. If you have had an account shutdown with amazon you can be “black-listed” and your new accounts if they are associated with you will also get shutdown. My recommendation for anyone who had their account shutdown is to use all seperate details. The last potential scariest part is that Amazon also tracks the URL that you are using so that each new account may also get shutdown if it is associated with a site that has been suspended. This all sucks but I can say people do get through it.

    • Thanks for the input Jon! Sounds like either you’ve dealt with it yourself or you’ve talked to somebody who has… Also re-affirms the stupidity and inconsistency of Amazon support. They might be really nice and helpful to one person and a huge pain in the ass for another person.

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