Monthly Income Reports

Please Note: I’ve Discontinued my detailed (written out) Monthly Reports…

While I continue to provide my overall monthly income & expense totals in the tables below, I no longer write detailed income reports every single month. I list out my reasoning for this at the bottom of this page. Scroll down if you’re wondering why…

2017 Website Income & Expenses

Month & YearDPI Affiliate
Niche Site
Other IncomeTotal IncomeTotal ExpensesNet Income
December 2017$588.69$569.34$191.00$1,349.03$1,200.98$148.05
November 2017$1,500.88$774.20$250.00$2,525.08$1,919.02$606.06
October 2017$1,292.26$992.80$407.00$2,692.06$1,701.94$990.12
September 2017$864.26$276.37$268.00$1,408.63$2,812.88-$1,404.25
August 2017$1,330.02$572.31$11,147.00*$13,049.33$4,241.31*$8,808.02
July 2017$768.81$953.73$500.00$2,222.54$2,386.04-$163.50
June 2017$769.60$1,589.15$0$2,358.75$1,456.40$902.35
May 2017$1,683.54$761.93$200.00$2,645.47$2,193.81$451.66
April 2017$1,396.44$595.87$0$1,992.31$1,416.57$575.74
March 2017$1,254.39$588.52$2,000.00*$3,842.91$1,970.02$1,872.89
February 2017$1,691.46$418.65$54.00$2,164.11$1,581.90$582.21
* March 2017 Other Income included a website sale for $2,000.00
* August 2017 Other Income included a website sale for $11,000.00
* August 2017 Total Expenses included a listing fee for the website sale for $1,925.00

2016 Website Income & Expenses

Month & YearDPI Affiliate
Niche Site
Other IncomeTotal IncomeTotal ExpensesNet Income
December 2016$1,551.40$660.54$3.00$2,214.94$1,571.02$643.92
November 2016$2,244.91$594.04$50.00$2,888.95$1,893.90$995.05
October 2016$2,170.11$565.93$175.00$2,911.04$3,285.03*-$373.99
September 2016$2,661.38$641.510$3,302.89$1,368.40$1,934.49
August 2016$2,811.96$961.960$3,773.92$1,276.39$2,497.53
July 2016$2,116.90$884.31$500.00$3,501.21$1,105.37$2,395.84
June 2016$2,128.82$693.720$2,822.54$1,094.59$1,727.95
May 2016$1,744.47$724.50$200.00$2,668.97$876.72$1,792.25
April 2016$1,675.04$408.040$2,083.08$960.61$1,122.47
March 2016$1,438.23$273.030$1,711.26$1,065.83$645.43
February 2016$1,003.28$265.720$1,269.00$736.72$532.28
January 2016$1,014.23$242.88$783.52$2,040.63$328.13$1,712.50
* October 2016 Total Expenses extraordinarily high due to a purchase I made during that month ($2,000) of a service-based website.

2012 thru 2015 Income Reports

Note: November 2015 was the last month I published a full (written) income report. There is no detailed report for December 2015.
Month & YearAffiliateAdsenseAmazon AffOtherTotal
December 2015$713.08$106.95$153.32$56$1,029.35
November 2015$1,256.25$123.06$60.55$192.88$1,632.74
October 2015$1,835.86$164.12$307.55$179.33$2,486.86
September 2015$1,418.03$217.75$195.46$137.08$1,968.32
August 2015$802.11$299.79$245.31419.66$1,766.87
July 2015$2,717.49$396.30$368.67$807.04$4,289.50
June 2015$1,099.71$368.23$254.85$945.55$2,668.34
May 2015$538.78$297.30$302.95$740.85$1,879.88
April 2015$1,553.55$211.61$178.30$1,022.16$2,965.62
March 2015$1,990.88$204.89$199.53$399.87$2,795.17
February 2015$459.94$204.73$323.72$2,899.03$3,887.42
January 2015$225.03$402.69$238.96$3,356.63$4,223.31
December 2014$338.22$286.32$117.84$5538.07$6280.45
November 2014$488.09$257.35$55.44$5507.01$6307.89
October 2014$311.51$298.15$293.24$0$902.90
September 2014$268.95$302.56$337.34$0$908.85
August 2014$816.42$457.90$373.82$144.66$1,792.80
July 2014$465.94$426.18$232.25$1738.81$2,863.18
June 2014$516.67$682.00$149.43$1254.75$2602.85
May 2014$766.67$958.02$72.23$1050.24$2847.16
April 2014$548.24$1330.43$6.05$772.24$2656.96
March 2014$463.28$819.26$11.47$1191.14$2485.15
February 2014$382.11$458.22$5.76$1125.54$1971.63
January 2014$356.36$234.07$5.46$1151.50$1747.39
December 2013$719.55$66.78$38.77$330.85$1155.95
November 2013$367.29$35.60$0.36$175.36$578.61
October 2013$194.14$35.57$4.24$189.88$423.83
September 2013$251.59$49.76$0$6.69$308.04
August 2013$154.36$48.55$1.24$7.86$212.01
July 2013$185.01$87.41$4.55$312.69$589.66
June 2013$128.71$56.90$0.36$233.08$419.05
May 2013$177.23$64.49$0.76$117.63$360.11
April 2013$60.38$31.60$0$88.87$180.85
March 2013$172.93$16.25$0.20$20.35$209.73
February 2013$223.64$7.92$0$15.88$247.44
January 2013$228.42$9.76$2.83$23.23$264.24
September 2012$20.00$6.62$6.40$13.50$46.52
August 2012$0$6.07$3.28$5.77$15.12
July 2012$0$8.66$0$155.77$164.43

I have decided to stop publishing monthly income reports for the following reasons…

  • my motivation to write them is no longer there
  • I don’t feel like they add value anymore for you (the readers)
  • it is no longer a unique or rare feature on a blog like this (everybody and their brother publishes these now!)
  • some months my net income is too low (it’s embarrassing)
  • some months my┬áincome is going to be too high
    • my wife is not comfortable with me publicly reporting our income when it gets to be too high (but I publish the numbers anyway)
    • don’t want my family and friends to think differently about me when my income is much greater
  • giving away my highest affiliate income sources makes me susceptible to competition (would rather not risk it at this point)

Income hints will continue throughout regular blog posts. Just like the style of Spencer Haws from Niche Pursuits – I will give occasional income hints by showing sales numbers, screenshots etc within my regular blog posting. Please stay tuned.

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