My Imaginary Experience as a Full Time Internet Marketer

Question: What would I do if I had 2 solid days at home to do internet marketing, during the typical work week (M-F), and I was all alone (meaning my family wasn’t home)?

Full Time Internet Marketer

So yeah, that happened. I took a couple of vacation days this past Thursday and Friday from my truck driving day job. My family was ‘out of town,’ for most of the week – up north at the family farm. Which left me home alone for 2 solid days to do nothing but internet marketing! Yes, I could have driven up north and joined them after work on Wednesday night. But I’ve always wanted to see how much I could accomplish online if I had an entire day or two – rather than just an hour or two per day each morning – which is how I normally ‘work’ online.

RCA Galileo 11.5" 32 GB Touchscreen Tablet Computer with Keyboard Case Quad-Core 1.3Ghz Processor 1GB Memory 32GB HDD Webcam Wifi Bluetooth Android 8.1 - Blue


So Did I Actually Get Anything Done?

Leading up to these 2 days, I was thinking that I might write and publish an epic monster blog post with my time. Or maybe even create some sort of mini-course that I could sell online. I even did some research on that by listening to a few podcasts (while at day job) on course creation and selling on Udemy.

In reality, I ended up doing the following on Thursday and Friday…


  • sig sauer p250-compactmet with my Thursday morning mens group at church – 6am
  • went to the dentist to get a cavity filled – 9am appointment
  • went to the county sheriff’s office to get a pistol purchase permit
  • went to the Post Office on my way home to get stamps – inquired about a PO Box
  • bought a gun from a private party
  • worked on my computer for a few hours
    • during this time –> lunch, dishes, a little house cleaning
  • went back to sheriff’s office to register my new (to me) pistol
    • stopped and talked with some neighbors on my way
  • returned to Post Office and purchased a PO Box (only $82 for 12 months!)
  • worked on my computer for several more hours
    • during this time –> dinner, dishes, talk to my wife on the phone, watch TV for a half hour before bed


  • worked on my computer for a few hours
  • my mom comes over to my house – we have breakfast then I change the oil in her car – 9:30ish
  • outdoor miscellaneous yard work
    • sharpen lawn mower blades, spray weed killer, clean garage, remove garage drain cover and order a new one on Amazon
  • lunch with mom (who is still at my house) – had to make her leave so I could work
  • worked on my computer for a few hours
    • during this time –> dinner, dishes
  • mow the lawn – 7:15pm
  • watch Detroit Lions preseason football game – 8pm
    • working on laptop on couch while watching game
  • worked on my computer for several more hours – until 3am!

A Day in The Life of a Work From Home Internet Marketer

I imagine that days like those would be typical days if I were a work from home, full time internet marketer. Except in this case, I didn’t have any human distractions. Surely, if my wife were home I would have had a honey-do list a mile long and I would have even less time to work on my computer. The attention my kids need and desire from me is another story entirely. I have first-hand experience with this every single weekend when I wish I could be working on my computer – but I can’t and I won’t because time with my family is more important.

I imagine that if I were a full time internet marketer, doing so from home would be very difficult for me. As you can see from just my past two days being home alone, I get too distracted with everything else that needs to be done. If I were to take this thing full-time, I would have to find a location other than home where I could set aside time to do nothing but work on the internet.

A few ideas that have crossed my mind that could potentially solve this issue…

  • work from a public location with free WiFi, like coffee shops or restaurants like McDonalds
  • rent out inexpensive office space
  • buy residential rental property – use one of the apartments as an office and rent out the rest

But none of this matters much to me personally anyway. I’m not quitting my day job anytime soon. It’s still not even a goal. I still love it. But I have to admit –

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Worked On My Computer for Several Hours

So what did I actually do during those hours? What did I get done during my 2 days of freedom?

One of the main things that I actually wanted to accomplish during these 2 days was to try out a new piece of software. An hour or two each day in the wee hours of the morning (my normal computer time), along with all the other things I need to do online, is not the ideal time frame to spend learning and playing with a new piece of software. And this particular piece of software that I wanted to try has a free 14 day trial period. So I wanted to make sure I could maximize that trial by starting it when I knew I would have plenty of time to play with the software.

First a little back story…

So, I’ve been messing around with this outreach method that so many people have talked about as one of the top white-hat ways to attract traffic and possible links to websites. I’ve known about the method, and have even tried my own feeble attempts in the past. But since learning from Chris Lee’s RankXL Niche Site Course that outreach is the main way that he gets traffic and links, I’ve been shifting my focus and playing around with it some more.

This tutorial style post that Chris wrote for Matthew Woodwards’s blog also had a profound effect on me. In this post – The Simple Content Promotion Strategy to Increase Your Traffic – Chris teaches exactly how he does one version of the outreach method completely with free tools. I started implementing this exact strategy for a couple of the posts on this blog, and also for one of my niche sites. And right away I started to see some results!

But wow… this method can be really time consuming! And I knew this going in, which was why I always avoided the outreach method and didn’t spend enough time learning about it and trying it. Knowing that I wouldn’t always have time to properly perform manual outreach myself – I began thinking about hiring and training a new VA to do this for me. But I also knew about this particular piece of software that I’ve been wanting to try out.

Ninja Outreach

Ninja OutreachI’m not going to turn this into a massive review post for Ninja Outreach (I’m sure I’ll write that sometime soon). But that is the piece of software that I wanted to try during my 2 days of freedom time. In a nutshell, Ninja Outreach automates much of the process I learned from Chris Lee’s tutorials and allows me to perform outreach tasks very quickly from one user interface. If you want to learn more about the software itself, feel free to click on any of the links here that say Ninja Outreach on them anywhere on my site.

So, instead of producing any content at all or even thinking about creating an online course during my 2 days, I spent almost the entire time learning how to use Ninja Outreach and implementing some of the things that I had learned. I even had a 30-minute live chat with Dave Schneider, one of the co-founders of Ninja Outreach, where he walked me through some of the things I didn’t quite understand and also listened to some of my feedback and requests for the software. By the way, Dave offers this free 30-minute chat for anybody who activates the free 14 day trial. Really impressive!

Ninja Outreach - Free for 14 Days

After figuring out how to use the software for what I wanted to use it for, I proceeded to spend hours upon hours over the next 2 days sending out hundreds and hundreds of outreach emails. Ninja Outreach makes the entire process SO much easier than trying to do all of that manually. After I start to see results – I’m sure I’ll be writing a very detailed post for the blog about my exact process for doing this type of outreach. I’m already working on processes to do outreach both to get traffic for this blog, and for getting links to my niche sites to get them ranking higher in Google.

It still takes time to do outreach using Ninja Outreach. It’s not a set it and forget it kind of tool. But Ninja Outreach magnifies the amount of outreach that I can accomplish in the same time period. I’ll bet I can find and email 100 people using Ninja Outreach in the same time that it would take me to find and email maybe 10 or 20 people using the free/manual methods. As long as I continue to use it properly, I’m confident that Ninja Outreach is one of those tools that will more than pay for itself. Needless to say – I am hooked (maybe even addicted a little) and I am really enjoying using Ninja Outreach to contact influencers in my various niches.

Ninja Outreach - Free for 14 Days

What Else Did I Accomplish Online During This Time?

There are 2 more things that I accomplished that I’ve been meaning to do for a long time, but procrastination always won that battle. One of them has to do with one of my trips to the post office. And the other kind of resulted from that.

Using a PO Box as my official address for all internet related stuff

Since I was at the Post Office anyway on Thursday, I inquired about getting a PO Box. The cost for the smallest box was only $82 for 12 months – so I got one! The Post Office gives you the option to use what they call a real street address as your mailing address rather than putting PO Box for your mailing address. It’s pretty simple. You just use the Post Office’s street address then add your box number right after that. I took the time to change my address on all of my internet related stuff; domain registrars, hosting accounts, affiliate accounts, email service providers, etc. I’m sure I missed a few (I have SO many accounts), but I’ll get to them.

Why use a PO Box? It’s not that I’m paranoid that somebody is going to hunt me down. My previous address that I was using wasn’t my home address either. And besides, I do have guns. 😉 Just saying… But as my sites and my income levels start to grow, I figure it’s safer and more secure to use a PO Box as my mailing address for everything internet related.

Getting a Google Voice phone number to use for internet related stuff

When I was changing my mailing address within my accounts, I saw my home phone number in each one of those accounts. We rarely even use our home phone for anything anymore, which is why I used that number for all of my accounts. I don’t want my cell number out there, to avoid any possibilities of sales and telemarketing calls interrupting me ever. But, my wife has expressed her annoyance at all of the internet related calls that were being placed to our home phone during the day. When I saw our home phone number there in my accounts, it reminded me of her annoyance.

Google VoiceI knew that Google gave away free phone numbers, but wasn’t sure how the whole thing worked. So I Googled it! Turns out, Google Voice is a really cool service. They give you a phone number (for FREE) and forward calls to that number to any number you want. Or, if you don’t want to actually receive those calls, you can set it to go straight to voice mail. It even has a function that allows you to search for available numbers with any number or letter combination that you desire!

Go ahead and give me a call if you want to… 724-326-DUMB or 724-326-3862

I have it set to go straight to voice mail and I probably won’t ever call anybody back. But feel free to leave me a message! I would actually love to hear from you.

And here’s the cool part. When I receive a message, Google automatically transcribes the voice message into text and emails it to me. So I can actually read voice mails from people before I listen to them. The Google Voice interface looks almost exactly like Gmail – and there is lots of cool functionality and settings to play with. For example, spam filtering just like in Gmail.

Wrapping Up

So, now I officially have a separate physical mailing address and a separate phone number for all of my internet marketing related stuff. I know my wife will be happy to not have to deal with the telemarketers anymore. And everybody knows that a happy wife means a happy life! So I feel like I really did accomplish something worthwhile during these past couple of days.

During my 2 days of being an imaginary stay at home entrepreneur, I did get plenty of stuff done. Both internet related and non-internet related. I do feel like I used my time well. I familiarized myself with a new tool that I think is going to be a real game-changer for me and I finally got around to doing some things that I’ve been meaning to do for awhile anyway. The new address and new phone number are really cool (I think), but I’m most excited about the possibilities and the potential for what I will be able to accomplish with Ninja Outreach.

Ninja Outreach - Free for 14 Days

Note: Several of the links within the post that lead to products or services that you can purchase are indeed affiliate links. If you choose to make a purchase after clicking through via any of these links, I will receive a commission. Thanks a lot for your support! I really appreciate it.

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Matthew Allen
Matthew Allen
Matthew Allen is a full-time trucker, part-time blogger, and imaginary entrepreneur. He's probably not the only trucker who calls himself a dumbass. But, he is the only known trucker who is blogging about passive income."Might be crazy, but I ain't dumb!" ~ Crazy Cooter (also Matt's CB handle) 
Matthew Allen
Matthew Allen
Matthew Allen is a full-time trucker, part-time blogger, and imaginary entrepreneur. He's probably not the only trucker who calls himself a dumbass. But, he is the only known trucker who is blogging about passive income."Might be crazy, but I ain't dumb!" ~ Crazy Cooter (also Matt's CB handle) 

20 thoughts on “My Imaginary Experience as a Full Time Internet Marketer”

  1. Hi Matthew,

    Much of the stuff you discussed in this post is exactly what I am going through right now.

    For one, I know hard it is to actually be able to work for a chunk of time without having everyday life interfere with work time. It can be a struggle at times and I think your idea about going into a private location by yourself is the best idea. Funny thing is I am actually at my local library right (power is out at my house) and I am loving the time to be able to focus.

    The other thing I can resonate with is trying out some new outreach techniques for my niche websites. I have been using PBN links with good success but I want to try and slowly get away from solely depending on them as my link building method. I am still trying to figure out how to best optimize outreach campaigns but I really like the model. I will have to check out Ninja Outreach and see how it works for what I need!

    Anyways, good post and you hit on a lot of similar things that I can agree with! Have a nice day my friend


  2. Being full time doesn’t give you as much free time as you’d imagine lol. You get “freedom”, but it’s difficult to fully work on your business the whole day. I remember when I used to work part time, and I’d think “Great, Friday is coming and I have the whole day to catch up on stuff” and I’d go to bed on Fridays thinking “well that didn’t go to plan”.

    For me the benefit of being full time is that I can take my business with me. If I want to go home to visit my parents for 3 weeks, I can do that without losing money or needing to ask anyone to cover for me etc.

    As for productivity, I’m sure I can get more done than I got done when I was part-time, but I’m definitely not as productive or efficient as I’d like to be!

  3. Josh – why didn’t I think to include the library on my list of ideas?! That’s the perfect place. I might try that one of these days. Even if I’m home alone. Our library is only 2 blocks from my house. I could go there and jam out a couple hours of productivity online, and then come home and focus on household stuff.

    Yeah. The thing about outreach vs PBN links is – it’s much harder to get the links initially with outreach. But after you get them, they’re basically free and they are in place on an actual live and active site. You don’t have to renew the domains or hosting and keep adding content to ‘make the site look fresh’ like you do with a PBN. Outreach links are probably better overall in the long run. Just not quite as easy to get as PBN links.

    Glad this post resonated with you. I wanted to write a post where I just write about what’s going on with me. Usually my posts are more informational or instructional and include lots of screenshots and videos. I wanted to just write for a change. So, it’s good to hear that you liked it.

  4. No problem Dave. You and your software were very helpful to me during my imaginary time as a stay at home internet marketer. Glad to tell my audience all about it. So Thank You for everything. Really enjoyed our chat.

    Not sure if anybody will have questions on this post specifically about the software. When I get the more detailed post done, I’ll let you know and see if you want to monitor the comments there.

  5. Great points Dom. I have to admit, I surely was dreaming about the ‘freedom’ during those couple of days. I enjoy my day job very much. It hardly even feels like a job because it’s just fun for me. But I do have to punch in and punch out every single Monday thru Friday. The freedom you describe would be nice…

    I’m thinking that probably most internet marketers don’t feel like they are as productive or efficient as they’d like to be. It kind of goes with the territory. I got a ton of stuff done during my 2 full days at home. But there is plenty more stuff that I wish I would have gotten done. Pretty much goes with the territory. No matter how much I get done, there will always be more stuff to do. That’s just the way it is with internet marketing. Nothing is really ever complete.

  6. Agreed, being a full time marketer is actually what its name implies “full time”, so not so much freedom after all.

    One thing you get for yourself is to keep your own schedule, but you need to get a lot of things done anyway whenever you can.

  7. So the 4-hour work week is a myth then? 😉 I never really thought of it that way Eric, the literal meaning of ‘full time’ – perhaps the term should be rephrased to something like, ‘my sole income source is from internet marketing’.

    I see what you mean though. When all was said and done during my few day, I ended up putting in at least ‘full time’ hours on my computer. But much like I enjoy my truck driving job – I very much enjoy working on the internet too. Thanks for stopping by and commenting!

  8. ITs cool you were able to get some stuff done. We tend to think that in a day we can do a lot but in reality it goes fast, and distractions happen often. Ive been meaning to get a PO box as well, just need to grow the blog more to justify the expense. Talk to you soon.

  9. Yeah EL – I grew enough to justify my PO Box expense a long time ago. I just procrastinated for far too long. Plus, I didn’t realize how inexpensive it was. $82 for an entire year isn’t bad at all!

  10. Hi Matt,

    Great to read your post as I always wonder if I’m doing enough during my “free days” or work from home days! The most I’ve done in a day is write 6,000 words….and that’s about it.

    Do you set daily goals like “I want to write 2 articles everyday for the next week?” If not, how do you keep yourself accountable and complete the tasks that need to be done in a timely manner?

    As many other people have said in the comments, it is quite a challenge to work at home. I often overestimate how much I can do in a given day at home.

    Love to hear what you think about increasing productivity at home 🙂


  11. I don’t exactly set daily goals or keep myself accountable. I probably should do both. I just sit down and start working. I tend to prioritize by order of importance or urgency and try to finish up more pertinent things first. After that, just get as much done as I possibly can and try to stay focused.

    My only chance at being productive at home is to work while my family sleeps. When they are around and awake, it’s impossible for me to get anything done online. I rarely even try anymore. As I stated in the post – if I ever take this thing full time I’ll probably have to find a space other than my home to dedicate to doing my internet work.

  12. Thanks for the reply Matt! It’s the same for me, I can never work when my family is around…

    I do set daily goals for myself but maybe it’s not the best way to get things done since I do end up getting pretty stressed up….

    I should actually try working outside of my home…..the only thing is that I don’t have a kick-ass monitor!


  13. The trick is to make your ‘affiliate’ websites not look like affiliate websites. Have lots of informational content – especially on the front page – and include plenty of links within your informational content that lead to your affiliate pages.

    Also – there are all kinds of strategies to use for outreach. Offer value (like an infographic) for the sites you reach out to, or show them some really awesome content on your site – and strategically ask for links. Ninja Outreach just makes managing the outreach part SO much easier and faster. I can literally find several hundred (even thousands) of sites to reach out to and setup Ninja Outreach to automatically email them – and I can do all of that in less than an hour – then just sit back while Ninja Outreach incrementally sends out emails over several days… It’s pretty sweet.

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