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As my own online passive income efforts continue to expand and grow and my internet business becomes more complicated – I’ve found myself with the need (or desire) to find a more robust accounting solution. FreshBooks is one of the big names out there – so I knew I definitely wanted to check them out. There are a LOT of reviews and advertisements out there for FreshBooks on the inter-webs – and I have a bunch of them opened up in different tabs in my browser right now. So I thought… why not write a quick post and share my research with readers for my blog!

I’ve looked at several videos and a whole bunch of different blog post reviews. Below is a compilation of some of the best that I’ve come across…

This first video is created by FreshBooks. It gives a nice overview of what their service can provide and how you can benefit from it

Video courtesy of FreshBooks – Click Here to watch directly on YouTube


FreshBooks Reviews from Popular Bloggers

Listed below are several blogs that I came across while doing my research. Each includes a single quote from within their review and a link to read the full review yourself if you want to.

Money Crashers

If you just need to track your expenses, generate invoices, and ensure that you get paid, you’re likely to find it efficient and easy to use.

Read full review here –…

Modest Money

For basic to median invoicing and bookkeeping, it’s hard to find a better service.

Read full review here –…

Frugal Rules

I highly recommend Freshbooks to anyone who is self-employed or a small business owner who has a growing client base.

Read full review here –

The Non-Accountant

If you really feel like a lot of your time is wasted handling invoices and doing a machine’s job, give FreshBooks a try.

Read full review here (with video) –

Sleeter Report

If you use FreshBooks for invoicing only, it can be a great tool, but I have issues with using it as accounting software.

Read full review here (with video) –…/freshbooks-accounting-software…


Although it bills itself as a “cloud accounting” service, FreshBooks is really best suited for invoicing and client billing.

Read full review here –

FreshBooks Video Testimonials

Marina – Web Designer

Video courtesy of FreshBooks – Click Here to watch directly on YouTube

Kyle – Marketing Strategist

Video courtesy of FreshBooks – Click Here to watch directly on YouTube

My Take on FreshBooks

After conducting this very careful and thorough research – I clearly see the benefits that can be gained by using FreshBooks. For a small business that does regular billing and/or invoicing – FreshBooks is a no-brainer! The cloud-based accounting software is a perfect solution – especially for 21st century use on multiple devices. If your business is client-based – I highly suggest that you at least give FreshBooks a try for 30 days.

For a small business that does regular billing and/or invoicing - FreshBooks is a no-brainer!Click To Tweet

As for me – my ‘make money online’ internet business (where passive income is my goal) is not client-based and I do not regularly bill or invoice clients. I was just hoping to find a more robust cloud-based piece of accounting software that could track income and expenses. FreshBooks is not the right solution for this.

I do have one single client. I built a local small business website for a friend and he pays me once per year to maintain his website and do some minor SEO. If I were to build out a full-on client-based business where I took on several more clients like this – FreshBooks would definitely be my choice for cloud-based accounting software. But I do not plan to build out a business like that in the near future – so unfortunately I won’t be personally using FreshBooks.

If you have clients or if your small business does regular billing or invoicing – give FreshBooks a try today! Over 5 million satisfied users can’t be wrong!

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