Niche Site at Night – Step-by-Step

Niche Site at NightThank you for following along with my public niche site case study. For your convenience, I’ve provided a chronological list of every single post in this series below. If you’re new to niche sites, start from the very beginning. If you have experience and just want to see how I do things, feel free to skip ahead to any topic that interests you. I know you will get a ton of value out of this and I hope it helps you in your quest to create some awesome passive income streams by building niche sites.


Building a Niche Site at Night – Introduction

Niche Site at Night Update – Unexpected Delays (A bad one and a good one) – teaser video in this post

Market and Keyword Research – Finding a Niche

Finding a Niche and Starting Keyword Research

Niche Site at Night Bonus Video – Another Keyword Research Trick I Use

Niche Site at Night – Choosing a Niche (and More Keyword Research Explained)

Domain Selection and Setup – Technical Stuff (Important)

Niche Site at Night – Selecting and Spam-Checking My Domain


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