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Because I only recommend products and strategies that I actually use myself – I no longer recommend building out your own PBN. If done right, PBN links work amazingly well. But it is a real hassle to build and properly maintain an entire network of sites just for link building purposes. It costs a lot of time and money too. My time is better spent doing more important things – so I trust The Hoth when I want to point some extra links at my sites to improve rankings.

The following is an e-mail (in its entirety) that I received from The Hoth not long after the whole PBN De-Indexing debacle that happened in September 2014….

Hola comañeros,

Happy Wednesday to ya, it’s Greg again, and I have some great news for you today.

You’re going to want to hear it, because if you didn’t hear from me you might start thinking the sky is falling.

Today I’m going to show you
-What’s going on with the whole PBN de-indexing thing
-How we’re dealing with it @ HOTH headquarters (you might be surprised)
-How you can stay safe going forward

What’s going on with PBN De-Indexing

Just a few years ago, Public Blog Networks were all the rage. People were ranking sites easy-peasy using these things.

They were so effective Google started targeting them. And they took a bunch of them down very publicly. Build My Rank was one of the most popular and first ones to get deindexed. Lots of people got slapped.

So people started building their own PBNs / Private Blog Networks (incidentally the same acronym).

It works kinda like this…

1. Buy up dropped domains or old sites that have existing links / juice
2. Put them on a new host and start the site over
3. Throw up content and links on those sites to your own money sites.

Pretty great technique.

Plus you control everything since you own it, and it isn’t public.

This was a pretty safe method of getting powerful links, but with everything, there are an unlimited number of footprints you have to cover up. Using different hosts, different whois, different registrars, different registration emails, etc.

Last week the first reports of mass de-indexing of PBNs started coming out, and just as we always hear, people are pretty concerned about what caused it, and how to stay safe going forward.

Some people are freaking out and falling off the bandwagon just like Besty did on the Oregon Trail.

But the HOTH is safer than ever…even with the PBN de-indexing hoopla that’s going on right now.

And here’s why:

We don’t have the PBN Deindexing Problema

Interestingly enough, we actually had a pretty big PBN ourselves a few years ago before everyone and their mamma had a course on it.

We built it because the quality of sites that used to be out there for “article submissions” sucked and we saw the writing on the wall.

Which is why over a year ago in July of 2013 we stopped using our own PBN and implemented something better.

We built a next-gen network for you.

Instead of continuing to register everything ourselves, we went out there and made relationships with tons of publishers and site owners and PAID them handsomely to be able to post on their sites.

This is way different than a PBN because all the site are
-from different people
-with different whois
-with different hosts
-in different IP ranges
-with different website set ups

All the sites are made by other people, but with the HOTH, you can post to it.

But that’s not all.

You also get to take advantage of our automatic monitoring, because even if a site gets deindexed or loses PR, it gets booted from our network and your links get replaced-automatically.

Nobody else has something like this.

We know you care about safety, so we did this for you.

So here’s the answer you’ve been looking for:

That’s right, we don’t send any PBN links to your money site.

Here’s a visual of what the HOTH link building structure looks like:

See how everything points to the top level properties? 

We want you to be able to control everything, which is why you have logins to the top level properties.

All the links from the web 2.0s, bookmarks, mass links, and volume module all go to your Top Level properties.

With the HOTH, you are in total control of your links and completely safe from any de-indexing problems that are going on right now with everyone’s PBN.

PLUS you still get all the juice from the tiers.

But the real question is, does this stuff still work?

Well, I just went into our handy dandy little backend that tracks rankings and recorded a little video for you of ranking data from the last month.

Go ahead and check it out, then come right back.

Hundreds of keywords (we filter out any urls and fake keywords like click here etc) ranking on page 1 that are using the HOTH.

Now I can’t take credit for all that, because these customers all have their own strategies. And they probably did really good keyword research. And kept it diverse. But these are keywords that our customers gave us to work on. And we did. 

What do our customers say?

(This is from a recent survey)


The HOTH is still rocking and will keep you rocking.

We’ll keep you guys in the loop with everything we know.

If you have questions or need help feel free to reach out.

Even if we feel dysentery coming on, we chug some SEO pepto, hit restart and come back stronger.


P.S. In 2014, you still need links to rank. They are a still a pain in the ass to build. Why not get started with a company that’s been rocking in the trenches for the last 4 years and still going strong?

Click here to get The HOTH.

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