#FUGDPR – No Updates to my Privacy Policy

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Below is an exact copy & paste of the email that I sent out to all of my subscribers today…


Just writing to let you know that I have NOT updated my Privacy Policy.

I think it’s really great that the entire world is bending over to comply with one new European law. What makes it even better – that the millions of small-time bloggers or website owners (myself included) are expected to try to make sense of the complexities of this new law and make our sites compliant – regardless of whether or not we live in the EU. This is just thrilling and fantastic! I love it!!

So what does this mean for you?

If you live in the EU and you feel your personal data is at risk when you visit my site (IT’S NOT!) – feel free to stop visiting my site until I update my Privacy Policy. I haven’t published anything new in several months anyway. Your email address is the only personal data that I have stored within my email service provider. If you feel that this puts you at risk (IT DOESN’T!) – simply hit the unsubscribe link at the bottom of any of my emails.

America Defeated England over 200 years ago!

The way I understand history – the American army led by George Washington defeated England which secured America’s independence. This upcoming 3-day holiday weekend in the United States celebrates Memorial Day on Monday which is a day set aside each year where we remember ALL soldiers who gave their lives as part of the United States armed forces to protect and defend our freedom.

And here’s the irony for me this upcoming weekend… I’m going to spend a good portion of it reading up about how to be compliant with the new European law and then updating my sites and my privacy policies. So… while the rest of America is kicking off their summer with various Memorial Day celebrations – I’ll be stuck on my computer trying to comply with a new European law. Isn’t that just a hoot?!

Per requirement – I’ll email you and let you know when I do update my Privacy Policy. But it won’t be done by the deadline (which is today). I hope somebody from the EU tries to sue me.

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