My Niche Blog Curated Content Strategy

My Niche Blog Curated Content Strategy - Dumb Passive Income
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My number one and initial strategy to kick-start my niche blog project is to utilize curated content for many of my posts. The strategy is really quite genius, I think, and has several benefits which I will explain in this post. A few of the intended consequences of this curated content strategy include:

  • Building relationships with other bloggers, authors and site owners
  • Providing content with multiple viewpoints and from varying backgrounds
  • Link building and social networking for the site
  • Traffic generation through promotion by others

If done right, site owners or original authors are thrilled when you highlight some of their content using a curation method. It provides value to and benefits them and their site, while at the same time doing the same for your site. It is a win-win situation for both or all parties involved.

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Blogging + Niche Sites = The Niche Blog Project

The Niche Blog Project - Dumb Passive Income
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My internet marketing attempts have been fun and interesting, to say the least. I seem to keep jumping from one thing to the next, trying to find the strategy that works best for me to earn an online income. You could say that I have the shiny object syndrome. Every time I see something that looks new or better, I abandon what I was doing and jump to the next thing. My latest, the niche blog project, is actually going to combine much of what I’ve learned over the past year or so and put it all together on one awesome site. The Pay Off Credit Card Network is my brand new site and here is a little bit of background explaining how I got to where I am today.

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An Introduction to My Niche Blog Project

Giving special thanks to Google’s latest EMD update, I am scratching my attempts at building micro niche sites and moving on to something bigger. My next attempt at creating passive income online involves starting and running another blog. It is arguable whether income from a blog is considered passive or not, and this could be a great topic for another entire post. I’ve taken this into consideration and have some great ideas to make this niche specific blog as passive as a blog can be. I’m going to take what I’ve learned about SEO and combine that with what I knew about blogging and add in a very specific strategy that could build traffic, relationships and even quality links.

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