Should You Get Long Tail Pro or Market Samurai?

Get Long Tail Pro or Market Samurai
Mermaids have Long Tails too!

Several people have asked me why I think they should get Long Tail Pro, especially if they already own and use Market Samurai for keyword research. I’ve even been asked specifically, by more than one person, to write a Long Tail Pro vs Market Samurai post. I’ve been meaning to write this post for a long time, but have been procrastinating. The reason for this is partly because I don’t feel 100% qualified to write anything good or bad about Market Samurai. I’ve only used their free 10-day trial, and that was nearly a year ago when I did that. However, I do have access to all kinds of information and sources on the topic that I can share and point you to. I do own and use Long Tail Pro and am a huge fan of the product, especially since the release of the Platinum version. I tell you this up front so you understand that this post might come off as a little bit biased. I am okay with that though, as I feel it should be biased when my findings clearly show that one tool is better than the other for how and what I use it for.

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