Providing a Keyword Research Service – Increase Traffic and Profits

Keyword Research Service
Psychiatric Help for cheap – Keyword Research help for a bit more

In the past, people have suggested to me that I should start a keyword research service as an offering via my Dumb Passive Income blog. I’ve blogged a LOT about the benefits of keyword research and why I think it is beneficial not just for niche sites, but for other types of sites (blogs) as well. I’ve written so much about keyword research over the past year that people have started to perceive me to be a bit of an expert on the topic. I wasn’t so sure that I was an expert. I thought I was just learning as I go just like everybody else. But after reading blog posts by actual experts and even watching tutorial-type videos by experts on how to do keyword research – I realized that I know just as much as they do. I’ve learned from some of the best and I’ve applied some of that knowledge with my own experiments. I’ve gained valuable experience and people have noticed.

Which brings us back to the suggestions that people have made to me – more than one person over the past year has suggested that I start my own keyword research service. Despite the fact that I like doing keyword research and there seems to be a need in the market for a service like this – I rejected the idea for two main reasons…

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