Keyword Golden Ratio and the KGR Rule of 63

Keyword Golden Ratio

It never ceases to amaze me how putting myself out there and simply interacting with others can lead to incredible things online. In this case, you’re about to read a phenomenal blog post, about the Keyword Golden Ratio, that came about as a direct result of me simply leaving a comment on another blog.

Last week, I commented on this niche site portfolio update written by Brad from Human Proof Designs. Not long after I commented, I received an email from Dom (the owner/founder of HPD) explaining that Brad was starting to answer my question about the Keyword Golden Ratio (KGR) in the comments when he realized that the answer could easily be an entire blog post. Since they’ve already covered KGR extensively on their blog – he asked if I would be willing to publish that blog post here.

I responded with an “absolutely!” And now you are in for a treat because Brad has written a stellar blog post that covers the Keyword Golden Ratio in great detail. The rest of this post is written by Brad…

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4 Ways to Get Long Tail Pro and Make it Pay for Itself (Updated)

Get Long Tail Pro - Make It Pay for Itself

When I finally made the decision the get Long Tail Pro way back in December of 2012 – I honestly had no idea how much this one piece of software would impact everything I do online. I knew that it would help me find more and better keywords right off the bat. But I didn’t know exactly how much it would positively affect my ability to actually make money online. I can say with confidence, that Long Tail Pro is the one tool that has made the biggest difference (by far), in my ability to get traffic to websites and actually earn money online.

Don’t get me wrong. There are lots of other tools that I love and use (and promote) that also make a big difference in everything I do online now. But Long Tail Pro is probably THE most important. Getting search engine traffic to websites 101 doesn’t get more basic than doing good and proper keyword research. And nothing makes keyword research faster and easier than Long Tail Pro. Allow me to explain…

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Finding a Niche and Starting Keyword Research

finding a niche - keyword research

finding a niche - keyword researchThe Niche Site at Night is finally underway! In this public niche site case study, I am sharing every single step and process that I use to create a profitable niche website. Anybody who knows anything at all about niche sites knows that keyword research is absolutely the most important step if you plan to get your traffic from search engines (namely Google). Not only is it the most important – but it is also the very first step.

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The Miniature Niche Site Project – Mini NSP

The Miniature Niche Site Project - Mini NSP
Image from Flickr by x-ray delta one

When I started this blog in May of 2012, my efforts to create passive income online were targeted mostly at building smaller niche sites. I had some early success with my very first attempt at building a niche site. I got over-confident and decided that I was qualified to teach others how to obtain the same success that I had found. So I decided to do a Niche Site Follow Along, inspired mostly by Pat Flynn’s very popular Niche Site Duel series. I started to show my exact processes for how I build a niche site. I failed on my first attempt and started over from scratch, all within that same follow along series. I was plugging away on my next attempt, and then the EMD update hit and completely burst my niche site bubble. So what did I do to keep my burning desire to create passive income online alive?

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Keyword Research for Blogging: Picking the Right Keyword

Long Tail Pro - Dumb Passive IncomeSince purchasing my new tool – Long Tail Pro – a few weeks ago, and being given the privilege of testing out the beta version of Long Tail Platinum, I can’t stop doing keyword research! It’s like an obsessive addiction and I just can’t get enough. I’m finding myself doing keyword research, just out of curiosity, for other websites that I visit. Most of these sites are blogs, and I just can’t get over how overlooked and under-used this entire concept of keyword research for blogging is. It has become my new obsession to get the word out to the blogging community. My mission is to show bloggers how they could and should be taking advantage of some pretty simple tactics to drive as much search traffic to their sites as possible.

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How to Use Keyword Research for Blog Post Optimization

How to Use Keyword Research for Blog Post Optimization
How to Use Keyword Research for Blog Post Optimization
Image from by Stuart Miles

One great way to grow an audience to your blog is through search engine traffic. You just never know which random searcher is going to land on your blog, like it, subscribe to it, share it, and keep coming back for more. There are certain numbers of people searching for different search terms on Google every single month. By knowing how to properly do keyword research and how to use those keywords to best optimize your blog posts, you can get as many of these searchers as possible to land on your blog. The beauty of growing your blog or website through search engine optimization is that you don’t get the same people coming back time and time again. Different people throughout the entire world will be typing in the search terms that you are optimizing for and at different times. The growth potential is endless if you properly optimize a post on your site for a low competition keyword that gets lots of searches!

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