My Niche Blog Project – Offering a Valuable and Useful Free Resource

My Niche Blog Project - Creating Passive Income with a Free Resource
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It’s been a little while since I’ve updated what is going on with what I am calling, my niche blog project. This project was born out of my frustrations and failures with trying to create small niches sites that rank well in Google and earn passive income with Google Adsense. One of my original posts about this project talks about how I decided to combine my blogging know-how with my niche site knowledge to create something bigger – a niche blog. It started off slow, as I knew it would. But what I had envisioned for the site is finally starting to come to fruition. I’m not 100% there yet – but one of the main aspects for what I wanted to do with the site is finally in place. I’ve created that free resource and have plans and forms in place for getting people to sign up for it. Now all I have to do is build traffic and everything else will take care of itself. By everything else, I mean that I hope to get to that goal of attaining 100% completion for everything that I envisioned for this site. This includes, but is not limited to, monetization and the possibility of creating a good passive income stream. Since this blog is about my efforts to create passive income, I will focus on telling you about that. Bear in mind though that me making money isn’t the only goal with this site. Keep reading to learn more…

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