Getting Started with Amazon Niche Sites – How to Find Profitable Niches and Limitless Keywords

Amazon Niche Sites - Profitable Niches - Keywords

Amazon niche sites. Amazon Niche Sites - Profitable Niches - KeywordsEverybody wants to build them. Everybody wants to have them. Why in the world are Amazon niche sites so popular? You hardly hear anybody ever talk about building Adsense niche sites anymore. Heck – when I started building niche sites, Adsense sites were THE thing. Very few people were talking about building Amazon sites. But now it’s the other way around. And it’s been that way for most of the last 2 years.

I think part of the reason for the popularity of Amazon niche sites is due to the plethora of successful case studies that people have shared throughout the community of internet marketing bloggers. People are more protective with their Adsense sites and less likely to share for fear of getting their Adsense account shut down by Google. But it’s totally acceptable, and even advantageous, to share a site with your Amazon links plastered all over it. It’s a good way to get more backlinks and even possibly generate more commissions. For example…

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How to Find Profitable Keywords for Amazon Affiliate Sites

Amazon Affiliate Sites
No – you can’t buy kids on Amazon!

Amazon affiliate sites seem to be all the rage lately. It seems like everybody is building them. The popularity of Amazon product-based niche sites seemed to make itself apparent when Spencer Haws published his first public niche site project on his popular blog – Niche Pursuits. Ever since he shared his success with that public project – I’ve been seeing Amazon affiliate niche websites everywhere! The popularity of Amazon sites was proven even more to me recently when I launched my own keyword research service. Just during the beta test period, 60% of my customers wanted me to find keywords for them to build Amazon sites around. As a result, I’ve been doing a LOT of keyword research around topics that relate to products that are being sold on Amazon. In case you didn’t know – Amazon sells almost literally everything imaginable! In other words, there are limitless products being sold every day on Amazon and even more keywords that can lead to those products. Amazon is willing to pay out healthy commissions to their affiliates – which makes creating Amazon affiliate sites more and more attractive. Once you see how easy it is to find low competition keywords that lead to profitable Amazon niches – you’ll likely want to jump on the bandwagon too!

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