Brand Positioning Strategy for Affiliate or FBA Websites

brand positioning strategy

With so many different gurus throwing out “new” methods for marketing to your target audience online today, choosing one brand positioning strategy and pushing forward with it can be difficult. It’s not hard to understand why the failure rate among online marketers is so high. The amount of information that is available is intense, and can be incredibly overwhelming if you’re new or don’t have the experience needed to learn which strategies are a waste of time, and which ones actually require all of your focus.

Rather than teach you new tricks of the trade, or rehashed versions of strategies that have been around for years, I’m going to show you the big picture factors that determine how successful you are online.

Once you get a better idea of the big picture, the smaller pieces fall into place, and the overwhelming feeling of “needing to know more” tends to slip away. You’ll be less bogged down with everything that you think you need to be doing, and start to develop a clear picture of what actually needs to be done to make your business a success.

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