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4 Ways that I’ve Successfully Used Long Tail Pro to Generate Income

1- Target Long Tail Keywords on Any Website or Blog

  • Finding long tail keywords with Long Tail Pro is extremely easy by utilizing built in filters and using certain criteria

2- Create a Small Niche Website

  • One of my smallest sites (only 12 posts) generates WAY more than enough income to pay for Long Tail Pro

3- Become an Affiliate for Long Tail Pro

  • Affiliate commissions from Long Tail Pro are recurring – meaning you only need a few people to buy through your link to cover your cost

4- Sell Keyword Research as a Service

  • Long Tail Pro will turn you into a keyword research expert and people will be willing to pay you for your services
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Read about all 4 of these points (and much more) in great detail in one of the most popular posts on my blog

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