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Long Tail Pro DiscountAll links on this page (and anywhere else on this site) that lead to the Long Tail Pro sales page are indeed affiliate links. I will receive a commission if you choose to purchase after clicking through via one of my links. I truly appreciate your support and Thank You in advance if you choose to do so.

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  • Regular price for the Annual Pro plan is $67/month ($804/year)
    • Other discounts you might find online offer ONLY 33% savings at $45/month ($540/year)
  • 30% savings if you choose the Monthly Pro plan – you get for ONLY $47/month!
    • Regular price for the Monthly Pro plan is $67/month
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  • Any buyer (monthly or annual) through my exclusive sales page will receive access to Long Tail University (now called Long Tail Boot Camp) for FREE! ($197 value)
    • Normal offer gives Long Tail (University) Boot Camp ONLY to Annual subscribers

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I Heard Long Tail Pro Sucks Now…

Yeah – I heard that too. And it did suck for awhile. After Spencer sold the business and the new owners migrated the entire tool into a cloud-based version – they definitely had some hiccups and a lot of bugs to work out. There were several times that I tried to use Long Tail Pro for keyword research and it wouldn’t function for me at all.

Despite the annoyances – I’ve stuck with Long Tail Pro (even though I’ve tried a few other keyword research tools over the past year). I’m really happy to report that Long Tail Pro doesn’t suck at all anymore! All of the bugs have been worked out and the tool works like a charm. At least, that’s what I’ve been experiencing and I’ve been using it extensively latety.

Long Tail Pro Demo (Video) by Me!

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Long Tail Pro Recently Updated

The first cloud version of Long Tail Pro was pretty good – but as of November 2017 – they’ve recently updated the User Interface (UI), the logo and some of the functionality is just a little bit different. My video above features the very latest version of Long Tail Pro and serves as a fantastic tutorial and demo for Long Tail Pro.

Here are some of the new features in the latest and greatest, completely redesigned LTP:

  • Brand new Serp Availability metric so you know how crowded the SERP is
  • Current project rankings graph in the Rank Tracker so you can see how your site is doing in a single glance
  • Color coded KC recommendations so you can easily see which keywords you should target
  • New data visualizations added to the app
  • More intuitive navigation, filtering, and settings
  • The whole application is now available in Spanish

Should I Get an Annual or Monthly Plan?

I highly recommend one of the annual plans for 2 reasons…

  • You get a better deal overall – lock in the savings for an entire year!
    • don’t worry about monthly payments
  • You get FREE access to Long Tail Boot Camp (formerly Long Tail University)
    • as seen in my demo video above – Long Tail Boot Camp is accessed directly from within the Long Tail Pro dashboard
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Make Long Tail Pro Pay for Itself

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