My Imaginary Experience as a Full Time Internet Marketer

Question: What would I do if I had 2 solid days at home to do internet marketing, during the typical work week (M-F), and I was all alone (meaning my family wasn’t home)?

Full Time Internet Marketer

So yeah, that happened. I took a couple of vacation days this past Thursday and Friday from my truck driving day job. My family was ‘out of town,’ for most of the week – up north at the family farm. Which left me home alone for 2 solid days to do nothing but internet marketing! Yes, I could have driven up north and joined them after work on Wednesday night. But I’ve always wanted to see how much I could accomplish online if I had an entire day or two – rather than just an hour or two per day each morning – which is how I normally ‘work’ online.

So Did I Actually Get Anything Done?

Leading up to these 2 days, I was thinking that I might write and publish an epic monster blog post with my time. Or maybe even create some sort of mini-course that I could sell online. I even did some research on that by listening to a few podcasts (while at day job) on course creation and selling on Udemy.

In reality, I ended up doing the following on Thursday and Friday…

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Making Money with Email Lists (Works for Niche Sites too!)

Making Money with Email Lists

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How to Structure Amazon Affiliate Sites

How to Structure Amazon Affiliate Sites

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Long Tail Pro – Version 3 Launch

Long Tail Pro Version 3 Launch

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Amazon Affiliate Sites – The Ultimate Azon WordPress Theme

Amazon Affiliate Site - Ultimate Azon Wordpress Theme

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