Niche Site at Night Update – Unexpected Delays (A bad one and a good one)

Niche Site at NightIt’s been a week since I published my introductory post for my Niche Site at Night case study. If you are reading this in real time, it will make sense that I am publishing a post like this today. If you are reading this in the future – this won’t matter much to you. But as I chronicle the entire thing – I wanted to keep you up to date as to what is going on. I published the intro post on a Monday in July, 2014. I fully expected to jump right in and start working on the site that entire week at night. So why didn’t I?

I actually caught a bad cold during the hottest time of the year – the middle of summer! I felt absolutely miserable for most of last week and didn’t get very much done at all. As far as unexpected delays – that was the bad one. There’s also a good one that applies to this week. [Continue reading]

The Niche Site Builder’s Guide to YouTube

YouTube for Niche Sites

The following guide was created by a guy named Tom Martin, who blogs over at I've gotten to know Tom a little bit lately, as he's been hanging around in the same communities and comments sections of other blogs that I do. Tom is a … [Continue reading]

The Fastest Web Hosting for WordPress – A Major Upgrade and Results

fastest web hosting

Upgrading to a better and faster hosting account has been on my mental to-do list for quite some time. I've procrastinated in this regard for months and months. I figured, my sites still get traffic and rankings. I'm making more and more money each … [Continue reading]