Don’t Buy a Niche Site Course Without Evaluating the Source

niche site course

Do you know what it feels like to have money randomly deposited into your Paypal account? I do. And let me just tell you – it is freaking awesome! Random income generated from work done in the past is the essence of what this whole passive income thing is all about.

Almost all of my passive income, though, is generated by selling or promoting other peoples products. This includes affiliate income from this site and from my niche sites, Adsense pay-per-click income, as well as Amazon affiliate sales from my niche sites. All other peoples stuff. I say almost – because I did create some service based income in the past (selling keyword packages). But that wasn’t exactly passive. What that experience┬ádid for me though was showed me my potential and gave me a taste of having random people pay me for something that I created. [Continue reading]

Link Building Packages from The Hoth – An Honest Review (Updated)

Link Building Packages from The Hoth

As a niche website builder, one of the necessary evils that I've had to deal with is building links. Getting good links pointing to your sites is essential if you want to rank in Google for the good keywords. Over the last couple of years, I've tried … [Continue reading]

Fastest Web Hosting for WordPress (Revisited) – My Site Speed Obsession

the fastest web hosting for wordpress

Almost exactly one year ago, I moved this blog - Dumb Passive Income - to the best and fastest web hosting company available for Wordpress - WPEngine. My experience over the past year with them has been extraordinary. To say that I have been … [Continue reading]

Getting Started with Amazon Niche Sites – How to Find Profitable Niches and Limitless Keywords

Amazon Niche Sites - Profitable Niches - Keywords

Amazon niche sites. Everybody wants to build them. Everybody wants to have them. Why in the world are Amazon niche sites so popular? You hardly hear anybody ever talk about building Adsense niche sites anymore. Heck - when I started building niche … [Continue reading]