Side Hustling with My Lady

My Girl - Laney - drinking coffee at 2 years old.

My Girl – Laney – drinking coffee at 2 years old.

Over the years, my “make money online” side hustle efforts have taken me in a bunch of different directions. From selling stuff on eBay, to writing articles, to blogging, to niche sites and affiliate marketing and even creating my own web-based service. I’ve had plenty of failures and even some pretty good successes as of late. But one thing missing from all of the above is the interest and participation of my wife. My Lady (as I call her in real life) had absolutely zero involvement or interest in anything I’ve been doing online over the last several years. Other than spending the money that I bring in, my wife (Susie) has had nothing at all to do with any of my internet side hustle ventures.

Until now that is. We finally found something that we can work on together. Something that incorporates the thing that I specialize in and enjoy – making money online.  And something that also incorporates an activity that Susie enjoys and is good at – shopping! Who knew? In this post, I’m going to share the following:

  • how we were introduced to this idea
  • why it took us so long to get started
  • several resources and sources of motivation that you can use to do this too
  • our experience and results after the first couple of weeks
  • our plans to take this business to the next level – 5 figures per month!

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